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Amanda Frietag married? Husband? Net Worth 2022

Amanda Freitag

Amanda Freitag is the judge on Chopped and the co-host of American Diner Revival. She has owned the title of America’s Next Iron Chef since 2009 and appears as a guest on Food Network television.

There is nothing to raise suspicions when it comes to profession and career, and all the information is evident in this field. Still, when it comes to Amanda Freitag’s married life, husband, and personal life, there are many question marks. But we do know about her net worth.

Is Chef Amanda Freitag married to a husband?

Amanda Freitag has managed to keep her private life out of the spotlights, and she doesn’t speak about this topic in media and public. There is no information about marriage or divorce until now, and most records found her single and focused on her work. Despite her growing age, she still seems to be not married without a husband, or at least she hasn’t revealed anything about her married life, so that is our best guess.

Amanda Freitag on kitchen

Amanda Freitag Ready For Preparing Delicious Food

It is hard for us to believe that being so beautiful and knowing to cook so well, at 49 years old, she is still single, but who knows? Maybe she will soon be getting public about the husband or about this part of her life that is so intriguing.

Amanda Frietag Boyfriend and dating history

Amanda Freitag’s life is about only one thing: food. There is no information about relationships, husband, married life, or even boyfriends from her past.

Even if the current status is probably single since she is a public figure, she was associated with different men. Some rumors said that she had been in a relationship for six years with an Ultrasound Technician, Raphael, and they were seen traveling together several times.

Then, after she posted more pictures with the same person, Gregory Alan, all the media started to question if they were really in a relationship. They seemed closer in all the posted pictures, and we can suppose a great story between them, but they mentioned themselves just being friends.

With so little information about the men in Amanda’s life, no wonder that some people also question her sexuality. She has not made a return statement on this matter, and this rumor doesn’t seem to affect her.

Amanda Freitag’s net worth and source of income

There is no wonder that Amanda Freitag is a great chef, but her profession is not the primary source of income. In 2010, after one year after her first apparition on “Chopped,” she gave up being a chef for her appearances in TV shows.

Her estimated net worth is around $5 million and seemed to be earned being host and judge in different TV shows such as “Chopped,” “Unique Eats,” and “The Next Iron Chef.” In 2015 she started her TV show “The Kitchen,” The most recent one is “American Dinner revival” with Ty Pennington.


Amanda grew up with her two brothers, Jason and Justin Freitag. Their parents were busy, Cathleen (her mother) being a manager to Verizon and Paul (her father) working for a computer company, so Amanda and her brothers were often forced to eat frozen food, which encouraged her to learn cooking.

Career and profession

She attended Cedar Grove High School(then known as Memorial High School), where her passion for food started. From her grandparents to her economics teacher, all encouraged and suggested she pursue a cooking career and attend the Culinary Institute of America. After her graduation in 1989, she took a rotisserie position at Vong New York. Then in 1994, she worked under Chef Diane Forkey at Verbena.

For a few years, she traveled to France and Italy, and she gained more experience working in some restaurants there.

After returning to New York in 2003, she worked for some of the most popular restaurants as Cesca, where she was chef de cuisine and earned two stars from the New York Times.

In 2008, Amanda took the executive chef position at The Harrison.

Since 2009 Amanda has been a frequent judge on the culinary game show “Chopped,” From her first TV apparition, she discovered a new career and began attending different TV shows. She started to gain popularity by competing in The Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America.

Amanda as judge on the culinary game show “Chopped”

Amanda is the judge on the culinary game show “Chopped.”

Source:-Food Network

In 2014 she returned to the restaurant field as an executive chef at the Empire Diner in Manhattan. Still, she left in 2015 when Ty Pennington began hosting the Food Network series “American Diner Revival.

She also started her career in writing with the book, The Chef next door”, which Amanda calls “her love letter to the home kook,” showing her appreciation for the hard work it takes to prepare meals at home.

Amanda Frietag Short Wiki

Amanda Freitag was born on May 11, 1972, in New Jersey. She is 49 years old, and in the absence of any information about her marital status or husband, we consider her single. She enjoys traveling and collecting restaurant menus.

Wiki – Bio

Name: Amanda Freitag

Father: Paul Freitag

Mother: Kathleen Freitag

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Chef

Net worth: $5 million

Education: The Culinary Institute of America

Marital Status: Single

Siblings: Jason Freitag, Justin Freitag

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