Alison Victoria and Luke Harding are married since 2014. Her net worth, Age, Measurements, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Alison Victoria married to husband Luke Harding. Her net worth, Age, Measurements, Wiki-Bio.

Today, we are going to have a look at the life of one interior designer, Alison Victoria. Beautiful, charming, talented, Alison has it all. In this article, we will examine Alison Victoria net worth, age, measurements, wiki-bio. Also, stay tuned to know about Alison Victoria and Luke Harding’s married life and kids.

Alison Victoria Net worth.

Reports suggest that Alison Victoria has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. The talented designer has accumulated a large chunk of her net worth from her years of work in interior design, as well as her stint on television.

She has prominently featured on shows such as the kitchen crashers and DIY insider, both of which earned her a significant amount of revenue.

Image of Interior Designer, Alison Victoria net worth is $1.5 million

Interior Designer, Alison Victoria net worth is $1.5 million

Alison Victoria is Married to husband, Luke Harding. Kids?

This part might break a few hearts. The talented designer is in fact, married. Alison Victoria’s husband’s name is Luke Harding. Harding is an insurance agent and a successful one at that. The pair met back in 2011, on an internet dating websites of all places.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding were set up on, and after a month or so of talking, went on their first date. It was love at first sight, as Alison Victoria and Husband Luke Harding were instantly smitten with each other.

Image of Alison Victoria with her husband Luke Harding

Alison Victoria with her husband Luke Harding

Two years later, Luke proposed in Paris, on his parent’s 34th anniversary, while on moonlit midnight picnic, forever raising the bar to insurmountable heights for men everywhere.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding tied the knot in 2014 at the Drake Hotel in front of 120 people. They have been married for well over six years now, and the product of their union is a beautiful daughter who resembles Alison to a fault.

Image of Alison Victoria with her baby

Alison Victoria with her baby

Alison Victoria Career as an Interior design

Fresh and straight out of college, the famous designer went on to work with a celebrated designer, Christopher Homes in Las Vegas. During her tenure there, she created several innovative designs for various homes.

Alison was also the youngest designer at the firm. Two years down the line and the famous designer decided that she had gained enough experience to open her firm, Alison Victoria Interiors. This was back in 2001, and not a long time after, she had offices both in Chicago & Las Vegas.

Her client list ranged from fancy boutiques to popular resorts and posh private residences.

Image of Interior Designer, Alison Victoria

Interior Designer, Alison Victoria

Alison’s firm steadily rose in reputation, and the designer’s big break came when the grand Silverton Casino Hotel hired her to handle a mammoth $160 million expansion on their property. This was remarkable considering how relatively young the popular designer was at the moment, being only 23 when she had started her own company.

In just a little over a decade from making her start in the industry, she received Rising Stars of Business award.


2011 also marked the designer’s first appearance on television. This was on the favorite television show, ‘Kitchen Crashers.’ The DIY network brought her on to host the show, and 94 episodes later, Alison has become a household name. On the show, she finds unwitting fans and renovates their kitchens for them.

The television personality Alison Victoria has also featured on the film Ultimate Crash: House, Bath, Kitchen, and Yard. By 2013, she was cast as a designer on the television show Hotel Impossible. A year later, she went on to appear on the DIY Insider as herself. Presently, she is the host of the new HGTV show ‘Windy City Flip.’

Alison Victoria Measurements. (height weight)

There is a lot to be admired in working hard to stay in shape. The talented designer boasts a glorious physique. She stands at 152 cm (5ft) tall, with a weight of 152lbs.

Image of Alison Victoria height is 5 feet

Alison Victoria height is 5 feet

Alison Victoria husband Luke Harding bio, career info, net worth.

All the information we can get about Alison’s husband, Luke Harding, is that he owns his own insurance company. Alison Victoria’s husband Luke Harding works as an insurance agent and is very successful in his field. From our estimates, Luke is 6 ft 1 (185cm) tall, towering over his wife, and weighs about 180lbs.

It is clear that he leads a relatively private life. This is in direct contrast to his wife who is fairly active on social media, with at least 35,000 followers on Instagram, and 30000 on Twitter.

Alison Victoria Age, Wiki-Bio

Full name Alison Victoria Gramenos
Age 37 years old.
Date of Birth October 31st, 1981
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Profession Television personality, Interior designer
Net worth $ 1.5 million
Husband Luke Harding
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Measurements 35-25-36 inches

 Alison Victoria Gramenos was born on the 31st of October, 1981 in Chicago, Illinois. This makes the talented designer 37 years old at the moment.

Alison grew up alongside three siblings, all of whom she remains close to. The vast and diverse architecture all around her home town is what inspired the television personality to go into interior design. Alison Victoria moved to Las Vegas in 1999 to attend the University of Nevada.

From then on, she went on to make her mark on the world of interior design. Alison remains an inspiration to other young aspiring designers. She got her to start relatively young, in a field of overly experienced professionals who had already spent decades in the industry. But her perceived inexperience did not dissuade the popular presenter.

She buckled down, learned as much as she could from her experienced peers, and when was not afraid to take risks when opportunities presented themselves. Her confidence and belief in her ability are what drove her to the level of success she presently experiences.


Alison has always been able to balance her family and work life well, which is why she is an excellent interior designer and an even better mother.

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