Alison Berns Stern Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Howard Stern Ex Wife. What Is She Doing Now After Divorce? Married Her Kids.

Howard Stern with Ex Wife Alison Berns Stern

Alison and Howard were one of the all-time admirable couples on the Hollywood. Their divorce caught many unexpectedly. This is a look at the personal life of the former media personality. Learn more about her married life to her ex-husband Allen Stern among other details. We will also disclose her net worth.

Alison Berns and Howard Sterns’ Marriage.

Alison Berns was married to one Howard Stern, and they dated for a long time before finally tying the knot in 1978. The ceremony took place at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brooklyn Massachusetts.

The beautiful couple first met at Boston University. During this time, Stern was studying communications while Alison Berns was pursuing Social Works.

They started working together when Stern reached for Alison to help in a new movie ‘Transcendental meditation.’ Alison Berns stayed with Stern because he made a commitment that he would marry her.

Howard Stern married date Alison Berns Stern

Caption:- Howard Stern married  Alison Berns Stern on 1978AD


Alison Berns and Howard Stern have three children together. The children are; Emily berth Stern, Ashley Jade stern, and Deborah Jennifer Stern.

Their Divorce

After being together for 23 years, Alison Bern and her ex-husband Howard Stern decided to call it quits in October 1999 before making their divorce official in 2001.

Howard Stern confesses that he had become so involved in his work that he forgot his family. He practically had no time for his wife or kids, something that he felt was the reason their union got broken after over twenty years of a beautiful life.

Alison Berns also said that her husband made her feel that he was distant and cold. This is because he used to ignore his family a lot as all he cared for was his family. As much as many people did not take in the news of their separation lightly; and neither was it an easy moment for two, both Alison and her ex-husband are now living a happy life separately.

Life after the Divorce: Alison Berns is now married to David Scott Simon.

A few months after making their divorce announcement official, Alison Bern got married to David Scott Simon. Unlike Alison, David is not a public figure, and there is not much reliable information about him either.

For some reason, Alison Berns and her husband have decided to keep him off the limelight. Alison Berns has since taken a leave from the media and is taking care of her children. No drama has been recorded from the two, and as such we can only assume that they are living a happy life in a happy union.

Howard Stern also moved on with his life and got married to Beth Ostrosky. Beth is a tv host and a model. Ostrosky is 44  years old. The couple dated for sometime since 2007 before getting married later in 2008.


Alison Berns was born on 26th May 1954. She is an American national. She is an actress that is popularly known for her roles in different movies such as Open sores, private parts, and Negligee which is the most popular one.

Net Worth

Alison Berns is a rich girl. The total wealth under her name runs to the tune of around $20 million.

Alison Berns Stern is rich woman

Caption:- Alison Berns Stern Net Worth is $20 Million

Short Summary

Name: Alison Berns
Birth Date: 26th May 1954
Nationality: American
Spouse:  Howard Stern (Divorced), David Scott Simon (Current)
Profession: Actress
Networth: $20 Million

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