Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend 2019. Her Age and Dating History.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario comes from a family of advocates and lawyers.  Her roots also have a touch of Italian, Czech, English and Irish cultures because of her ancestors. Born in New York, this gorgeous woman was raised in the Manhattan Upper Eastside. Alexandra knew what she wanted to be right at the age of eleven. Let’s find out more about this hot actress Alexandra Daddario’s Boyfriend and dating history.

Who is Alexandra Daddario?

She gained popularity for her tremendous performance in the Percy Jackson’s film series, where she starred as Annabeth. Alexandra Daddario has been part of a lot of movies and TV shows. Her first significant role that made a lot of impact on her fan followers was for the series of “True Detective” shown on HBO.

She started her career at the age of 16 and was launched from a soap opera All My Children.  The actress has also worked in White Collar and Hall Pass. Alexandra Daddario got pretty famous when she got starred on Baywatch series. She got an amazing chance to flaunt her curvaceous body in these series alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Alexandra Daddario’s boyfriend and dating life?

Alexandra has been linked to a lot of people in the past. She recently broke up with the hot and handsome Logan Lerman and tweeted quite a bit about her frustration she went through the entire break-up process. She also tweeted on how she has been binging on anything and everything she finds to cope with the heartbreak.

Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Logan Lerman

Caption: Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Logan Lerman

Source: Just Jared Jr.

Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron Dating?

Alex also survived a lot of rumors with her co-star Zac as they spent a lot of time together after the Baywatch movie wrap up. There were also gossips about them being secretly dating until Zac dismissed the issue clearly stating that they are not seeing each other.

Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Zac Efron

Caption: Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Zac Efron

Source: Just Jared Jr.

Alexandra Daddario, now aged 33 is dating the famous baseball player Ben Verlander and she has been friends with his would-be sister-in-law.  Her relationship with Verlander also looks like one of this news spread in the air however, there has been a dedicated Instagram page that keeps a tab on the couple and their relationship status. In the past, the diva had relationships with Jason Fuchs and Trey Songz as well.

Alexandra Daddario with baseball player boyfriend Ben Verlander

Caption: Alexandra Daddario with baseball player boyfriend Ben Verlander

Source: Gramunion

Do you know about her previous dating and relationship?

There have been a lot of rumors that the 33-year-old diva has been on and off with relationships. She has dated some of the hottest men of the American film industry.

Prior to Logan Lerman, Daddario was linked with the American actor Jason Fuchs, whom she has been with for three long years before she moved away from him to romance Trey Songs which was again a rumor that was short-lived.

Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Jason Fuchs

Caption: Alexandra Daddario with boyfriend Jason Fuchs

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However, there have been reports about her life with Logan Lerman from 2009-2011. Now the hot and sexy Alexandra has been linked to Zac and Verlander. Let’s wait and see who would that lucky charm turns out to be who would spend his life with this charming princess.

What is Alexandra Daddario’s age?

Born on March 16, 1986; Alexandra Daddario is 33 years old. But, who can possibly believe that this lady is that old?

Wiki,  Bio.

The hot Baywatch star, Alexandra Daddario has always been a sizzling beauty. Who wouldn’t want to date this hot diva of Hollywood? The famous American actress has been into a couple of relationships in the past too. A lot of tweets about her breaking up with the handsome hunk Logan Lerman made a lot of news and looks like the Baywatch movie schedule got in between the duo that led to the break-up.

This hot woman has been linked up with a lot of men but as per the recent reports, it looks like, she is currently dating the baseball player Ben Verlander who is a brother of veteran Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

Zac Efron Rumors.

A lot of her fans expected her boyfriend to be the cool Zac Efron, her co-star from Baywatch. However; Efron seems to be in denial with the rumors and there has been nothing solid that proves that Alexandra was indeed dating Zac. There have been a couple of images posted on Twitter by Zac admiring the lovely pair of eyes.

There were also reports on how Daddario and her boyfriend Zac spent time together on the sets of Baywatch and also their thoughts about each other. While Alex thinks, Zac is super sexy and has a great sense of humor to tickle her funny bones; he feels that this cute and beautiful eyed girl is more sophisticated and matured than all other women he had met in the past. Zac feels she is more intelligent and amazing to spend time with as she is a New Yorker.

A lot of gossips about Zac being smitten by Alexandra Daddario made a lot of noise but soon died after Zac clearly stating that they aren’t dating. However; the onscreen chemistry of the duo on the sets of Baywatch gave a room to a lot of rumors.

Looks like she is currently in a relationship with the Baseball player, Ben Verlander and she isn’t married to anybody or does not have a husband yet.

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