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Alan Jones Net Worth and salary 2022

Image of Alan Jones Net Worth and salary

Here is Alan Belford Jones is popularly known as Alan Jones. Have you been listening to the Sydney breakfast radio program? If yes, then you must know this guy since he is the voice behind the show.

The radio broadcaster is an Australian born on the 13th of April 1943 in a town called Oakey in Queensland Australia. Get to know more of him in the text below which contains detailed information of Alan Jones net worth and salary as well as Alan Jones career.

Alan Jones Net Worth and Salary

Before embarking into his net worth and salary, it is only logical to have an understanding of his sources of income. Don’t you think so? Well, the old but smart guy’s source of income is broadcasting. In 2014, he was lucky to sign a contract with the 2GB radio station where he currently works.

The contract which is to last for 22 years has a base salary of $4.5 million annually. In a way, this means that Alan Jones salary from 2GB radio station alone is around $4.5 million annually. Alan Jones net worth is yet to be disclosed to trusted media houses. However, speculations are that his net worth may be around $10 Million. He ranks as one of the top paid media figures in Australia.

Image of Alan Jones net worth is not available
Alan Jones net worth is not available

The career that gave Alan Jones $10 Million Net Worth.

You probably know him from the light of radio presenting, but the guy is more than a radio presenter. Alan Jones’s career began immediately after completing his teaching studies at Kelvin Grove Teachers College. Brisbane Grammar School was the great presenter’s first workplace before he left for The Kings School earthed in Parramatta, Sydney where he was positioned as the Senior English Master. When you ask about him in the former Australian Prime minister Malcolm Fraser, you will be told he is remembered as a speechwriter in that firm.

In 1982, Alan Jones was fortunate enough to secure the position of manager at the NSW Rugby Union team. Yes, football is also another hidden profession you did not know about your favorite radios broadcaster. In fact, after being the manager, he served as the team’s coach in the following year, and during his reign as coach the team was able to win a competition for the first time after being in the league for 32 years. He is therefore hailed in the rugby fraternity as much as he is hailed in the broadcasting fraternity.

Among the celebrated achievements of the man in relation to his career is establishing his Network Ten Program known as the Alan Jones Live in 1994 which resembled Larry King Live in terms of content and purpose.  It was however canceled after 13 weeks of airing. This did not put him down because, in 1995, Alan Jones started an editorial segment that was lively until its cancellation in 2007. Between 1990 and 1997 the media personality was awarded Talk personality of the year by Commercial Radio Australia. He then joined the 2GB radio station where he served and still serves as a radio broadcaster. His presence into the station has made the Sydney show very popular.

Image of Alan Jones radio broadcaster
Alan Jones radio broadcaster


Name Alan Belford Jones
Birthdate 13th April 1941
Age 80
Nationality Australian
Career Radio presenter
Net worth $10 Million
Salary Around $4.5 million annually

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