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AKA Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki, Dating, Bio

AKA net worth

Aka known for his rap music is one of the richest people in comparison with the other rappers. He has been able to make a lot of money and looks like his net worth is more than 6 Million USD. There are reports of him buying a BMW X6M and a lovely house. He also has spent a lot of money on the car insurance. Well, of course; when you have bought such a high-end car isn’t don’t you think to have it insured also becomes equally important. If that is the kind of an insurance if Aka can afford, his net worth must be close to 6 or 7 Million USD easily.

Looks like the dating is going on strong between the couple, and Aka seems to be madly in love with his girlfriend and put together, their total worth comes close to 14 Million USD.

What is Aka’s net worth?

$7 Million

Looks like Aka has made some handsome money and this guy has a net worth of 7 Million USD and he seems unstoppable. He along with his girlfriend is a total net worth of more than 13 Million USD and both have huge houses and luxury cars. Aka has been spotted holding a glass of vodka, surrounded by three women and he has also earned the title of Cruz Vodka South Africa’s ambassador. With a lot of endorsement deals coming in, looks like this guy’s net worth is going to hit the stars soon.

AKA purchase a new house
Caption: AKA purchase a new house

Source: Twitter

Do you know about the house and cars of Aka?

Aka has bought a huge house because of his net worth and he is also a proud owner of a BMW X6M and has spent a bomb on the insurance of the car. Being one of the highest paid rappers, this guy seems to be making a lot of noise and may be the king of rappers shortly.

Girlfriend and current relationship

Aka is dating Bonang Matheba who is a famous TV personality and looks like the love birds are totally mad about each other and they have posted quite a number of pictures on the Social Media platforms which clearly speaks about how much they love each other.

Looks like Aka has been dating Bonang and wants to settle down with her happily forever and seems like they have been dating for quite some time together.

AKA with girlfriend Bonang Matheba
Caption: AKA with girlfriend Bonang Matheba

Source: Twitter

Aka’s Past relationship with Zinhle Jiyane

Aka was found dating Zinhle Jiyane and the relationship was kept a big secret until he revealed it in 2015 but the relationship did not last too long, however; He dated Zinhle for three long years and finally had to let go her off for Bonang after having a baby with Zinhle.

AKA past relationship with girlfriend Zinhle Jiyane
Caption: AKA past relationship with girlfriend Zinhle Jiyane

Source: Twitter

He agreed that he was in love with Bonang and Zinhle appreciates him for his honesty and the guy still is a co-parent of their lovely daughter. Apart from that, there has been no other dating history or relationship detail available on Aka.

He also has a child with Zinhle Jiyane who he was dating for three years. She admits that Aka was honest enough to open up about his illicit relationship with his current girlfriend Bonang but he is still the co-parent of their daughter and this seems to be a quality of a great man, isn’t it?

AKA's daughter with girlfriend Zinhle Jiyane
Caption: AKA’s daughter with girlfriend Zinhle Jiyane

Source: Twitter

Wiki, Bio, Facts

Born as Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, in Cape Town of South Africa. He has been able to make some real money after he created his first debut album Altar Ego. He gained a lot of popularity starting 2011 after he called himself Aka and started working solo.

He finished his early schooling from Holy Cross Convent in Cape Town and after he moved to Johannesburg he started studying in Greenside Primary School and later he completed his matriculation from St John’s College and later he finished his education in Sound Engineering.

His first music group formed was called Entity and Aka formed it along with his friends from school and later he worked with I.V. League and it performed quite well alongside the other notable musicians. Aka is proud to have started the I.V League because, in one of the interviews he had mentioned how lucky he was to start this league and because of this he was able to get in touch with the right set of people which further accelerated him to grow in the field of Rap Music and today, he is one of the notable rappers.

He has been a recipient of several awards and his Altar Ego won the Best Produced Album award.  He was also awarded for Best Dressed Man during the GQ Awards and looks like he knows how to maintain his style and no wonder he and his girlfriend are getting along together so well.

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