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Ainsley Earhardt is Married to Husband Will Proctor after divorce from Kevin Mckinney.

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Image of Ainsley Earhardt is Married to Husband Will Proctor after divorce from Kevin Mckinney.

Currently working at Fox News Channel as a news anchor, Ainsley Earhardt is an American Journalist famous for her co-host role on Fox and Friend First.

She also reports for Hannity with her segment titled Ainsley Across America. While the 42-year-old star has been able to keep her professional life in order, her relationship life is a complete mess.

Ainsley Earhardt is believed to have been married to Kevin McKinney, but they divorced, and she married Will Proctor.

Whether these rumors are true will be confirmed in this article because the article seeks to identify Ainsley Earhardt’s husband. Also, the report explores whether Ainsley Earhardt’s marriage is currently in order.

Ainsley Earhardt and Will Proctor are married. Kids?

Yes, it is true that after Ainsley Earnhardt’s first marriage failed, she went to marry Will Proctor.

The young man is the son of Rick and Karen Proctor. He was born on 3rd September 1983 in Winter Park. Like Ainsley Earhardt, he is a celebrity not because of journalism but because of his football career.

He is also a good actor and professional wealth adviser. There are no solid details about Ainsley and her husband Will Proctor met.

However, they had been dating for some time before they decided to tie the knot on 13th October 2012 in Winter Park at the All Saint Episcopal Church.

Image of Ainsley Earhardt with her husband Will Proctor

Ainsley Earhardt with her husband, Will Proctor

Ainsley Earhardt’s marriage with husband Will Proctor was blessed with a cute little princess named Hayden Dubose Proctor.

She was born on 6th November 2015. During this time, the journalist was writing a book, and upon its completion, she chose to dedicate it to her adorable baby girl.

There is no doubt that Ainsley Earhardt and Will protocol love their daughter based on the photos they post while with her since she was born.

Although the couple has been enjoying happy married life for six years now, recently, the journalist made an announcement that left many amazed.

According to her, she will soon be separating from her husband. This means that Will Proctor is only holding the title of Ainsley Earhardt’s husband for some time.

More information about Ainsley Earhardt’s husband Will Proctor and her marriage will be updated soon.

Ainsley Earhardt and ex-husband Kevin McKinney’s married life and divorce. What caused the separation?

If you were keen, you observed that the last section was more of Ainsley Earhardt’s second marriage. If that was her second marriage, it only means that she has been married before. In the first marriage, Ainsley Earhardt’s husband was Kevin McKinney.

It is believed that Ainsley Earnhardt’s first husband met the queen in college. Their dating life, therefore, began in college. They decided to take it to the marriage level in April 2005.

Everything seemed to be working well with Ainsley Earhardt’s marriage until 2010 when the duo separated. Details of the main reason behind her failed marriage are unknown to the public.

However, like most marriages, the main reason could be irreconcilable differences, but we cannot confirm this fully. While Ainsley Earhardt’s husband, Will Proctor, was fortunate to have a child with the celebrity, the ex-husband was not lucky enough.

In the five years they spent together, Ainsley Earhardt and Kevin McKinney didn’t have any kids together. Perhaps, the couple had planned to take their time on this matter, and before they knew it, things were already falling apart.

Undoubtedly, Ainsley Earhardt’s marriage is once again on the rocks. However, we hope that it does not proceed to the divorce level and that Ainsley Earhardt’s husband gets to solve the marital problem he is having with the mother of his daughter.

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