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Mandie Taketa Wiki-Bio: What is Wayne Brady’s ex-wife doing now? (2022)

Image of Mandie Taketa Wiki-Bio: What is Wayne Brady's ex-wife doing now?

The old-time notion has always been that couples lose a sense of connection once they are divorced or separated. However, Mandie Taketa and her former husband have ended up defying the odds. Mandie Taketa was married to a successful comedian, Wayne Brandy.

Logically speaking, the experience of a divorce often breeds feelings of bitterness and resentment between the couples. The loss makes one feel empty and helpless. To facilitate the healing process, most of the divorcees often prefer not to be in contact with their former soul mates. That Mandie and Wayne still enjoy each other’s company even after the termination of the marriage has left so many people wondering.

Married Life and Divorce With Comedian Wayne Brady.

The two lovebirds met in 1996. This was during a showcase in Ohau, Hawaii. At that time, Mandie Taketa was preparing for a musical event while Wayne was an employee of a musical revue in Ohau. In as much as Mandie did not make it to the Broadway, the two lovebirds developed an instant liking for each other and thus started dating.

After the end of the show, they moved to Los Angelos. With three years of successful dating, the duo decided to give marriage a chance. They were blessed with a bouncing baby girl after four years of marriage. The child was named Maile Masako Brady. Mandie has always been proud of her family and has in several instances posted pictures of the daughter and her father on the Instagram.

Image of Mandie Taketa with her husband Wayne Brady

Mandie Taketa with her husband Wayne Brady

Sadly, things took a sudden turn and Mandie’s happy marriage life came to an end. After all, it is never guaranteed that every love story must have a happy ending. Others end tragically, like Mandie’s. In 2006, the couples separated. A year later, Mandie filed for a divorce saying that the differences they had in the marriage had reached an irreconcilable level.

In spite of the termination of the marriage, Mandie and Wayne have over the years sustained a very cordial relationship. They have still remained the best of friends, always looking out for each other. They support their child without much friction. In fact, it is said that Mandie recently bought a house near Wayne’s neighborhood.

This was to give them easy time in co-parenting their daughter. In an interview conducted in 2015, Wayne said that Mandie had bought a house next to his so as to give Maile a closer real family experience. Wayne also admitted that Mandie had helped him recover from a depression he had suffered during his 42nd birthday eve.

Career Details

Mandie Taketa is both a dancer and an actor. She was the starring in a 2007 movie called the ‘Manband’.Moreover, Mandie is a professional yoga instructor and physical therapist. In the business world, Mandie owns three companies. These are Adell Body Works, This Lifetime and Everything Did Productions. From the latest estimates, Mandie could be worth $1.5 million. In all fairness and honesty, Mandie has had a really successful career life.


Taketa was born on the 3rd of March 1976. She grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. While studying for her undergraduate degree at the University of Hawaii, Mandie Taketa was awarded a complete scholarship in dance. At the moment, she is so committed to being the mother of her fifteen-year-old daughter.

Image of Mandie Taketa

Current Relationship Status

The public has recently been speculating over Mandie’s next love move. Will she ever have another boyfriend? Well, Mandie is still young enough to live another love life. All in all, time will reveal everything. Perhaps, Mandie Taketa could be already in another relationship but has decided to keep it away from the glares of the public. Her ex-husband Wayne Brady was married to Diana Lasso before her.

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