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21 Savage Net worth 2022. His Real Name, Height, Age.

Image of 21 Savage ,Net worth , height, age, wiki bio

21 Savage’s real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. He is a multiplatinum certified rapper and visionary artist from Atlanta. It has been almost 6 years since we first got introduced to the artist with his debut single Picky and the Slaughter Mixtape.

So how much has he racked up since then? For details on 21 Savage’s net worth, Height, Real Name, age, and wiki-bio, please be sure to read on.

21 Savage Net worth, salary

According to an online source, 21 Savage has a net worth of $12 million as of 2022. It is no secret that most of his fortune, if not all, comes from his career as a professional rapper.

The singer’s income has been gradually increasing ever since he first stepped into the limelight from the streets of Atlanta. Nowadays, his shows and events pay him over $100,000 per performance. This figure is likely to increase more so when he is on the world tour.

Other sources of income include record and album sales. As already mentioned, the rapper’s music has reached the Gold and Platinum Awards program. His album, ‘Issa Album’ sold over 77,000 units during its first week of release. Some of his collaborations like the track Rockstar featuring Post Malone topped the Billboard charts for quite a while before it got dethroned.

He is slowly making his way to becoming one of the highest-paid rappers in the industry. Furthermore, there was one event, a Bar Mitzvah for twin boys Jake and Sydney Steinger that he emceed back in 2017. The private event paid him a salary of $1 million.

21 Savage Married to Wife? Kids?

Enough about 21 Savage’s Net Worth, Now let’s talk about his relationship status.

We usually like to state the facts surrounding a celebrity, but sometimes it’s also worth mentioning some stereotype qualities they have. Like most African-American rappers, 21 Savage seems to follow the trend of having baby mamas, while dating different women.

The platinum recording artist has three beautiful kids that he has shared numerously on his Instagram account. However, you won’t find any information regarding his children or their mothers online since that’s just how he likes it.

The singer’s love interest is quite a touchy subject, especially with his ex, American model, and actress, Amber Rose. The couple got together last year before summer and split earlier this year around March for unknown reasons.

Sources indicate that she cheated on him with one of his friends causing their split. Nevertheless, let bygones be bygones as the rapper seems to have already moved on with an older mysterious woman.

Age: How old is 21 Savage

Abraham-Joseph got conceived on October 22nd, 1992 in Georgia, USA. That said, his Zodiac sign is considered to be that of Libra whereas his age is currently 29 years old.

21 Savage Height, weight, and Measurements.

While fans have noticed a sudden weight loss in his ex, Amber, the singer is quite normal health-wise. He weighs 159 lbs. Or 72 kg. As to his height, the rapper stands at 6 feet tall with a slim body. It seems Amber likes the slim type as her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa shares the same body type.

Image of 21 Savage height

Wiki-bio, family, career

Name 21 Savage
Age 29
Date of Birth October 22nd, 1992
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Profession Rapper, songwriter, and music producer
Net worth $12 million
Girlfriend Unknown
Kids 3
Body type Slim
Height 6 feet
Weight 159 pounds
Real Name Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph

The Slaughter King, like most people, like to call him has one of the most tragic backstories ever. But first, let’s take a look at his family. Abraham-Joseph is of Dominican descent as per his mother’s side. His father’s information is still at large as he was brought up with his mom next to 10 siblings, six sisters, and four brothers.

Growing up was a bit of a challenge for him since he was a bad boy. He got expelled twice at the local county school, once for bringing a firearm to the school’s premises and the other after getting caught with a girl on the school bus.

Not that his upbringing was terrible, but the neighborhood was tough, with drug deals always going on. He even got shot six times on his 21st birthday back in 2013 hence the name. Sadly, his brother was not as lucky as he was and succumbed to a drug deal gone sour via multiple gun wounds.

It was at this stage that Shayaa turned his life around and ventured into music. His debut was with the song, Picky and The Slaughter Tape. Since then, 21 Savage has made a lot of friends and done quite some collaborations in his time.


21 Savage’s real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph has generated a significant amount of fortune summed up regarding net worth. His salary keeps on increasing every season and each passing age brings him closer to achieving legendary status.

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