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10 Best Animal Shows that You will Love. How many of these have you watched?

10 Best Animal Shows that You will Love.

Today, more focus is being put on animal shows. Majority of them ranging from admirable pets, those being taken to orphanages, Veterinary and even the wildlife are now on our Televisions. Take a look at this list animal shows that you might want to watch if you haven’t already.

Nat Geo Wild and Animal planet take the lead pertaining this roundup. Previously, these enjoyable animal shows could be found on the internet only.  Let’s dub into the greatest animal commercials on the planet.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Nat Geo Wild- Saturday, 8/9c

The Vets unwillingness to refuse even a single patient brought from Michigan’s animal group makes him a serious one.  His approach is unique inline with his 70 years of age and large livestock experience on over 19,000 patients. It’s a family thing here with his son too making it dynamic. The cute factor is at 2 Paws.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Nat Geo Wild. best animal show

Pit Bulls and Parolees: 10/9c, Animal Planet- Saturday

Animal rescues that are undertaken in this episode make it emotional. On the other hand, its terrifying since some are risky. This features a Pitbull rescue center by Tia Maria Torres, her family and Parolee Volunteers in New Orleans.

The show may make you cry but laugh at the end.  It’s lots of love for what Tia is doing in transforming the lives of many through this. This show has a cute factor of four paws.

Pit Bulls and Parolees Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet: Nat Geo Wild- Saturday, 10/9c

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, is another best animal show. The show brings on board a strict and compassionate Mitchelle.  She has a capability in treating pets and muskox in the remote Yukon which is miles away. Her Triple daughters and husband family enjoy this too.  She handles interesting cases of normal and even of unfamiliar animals. This makes the show very educational and a depiction of animal life.

Sex in the Wild: PBS – local listings recommended

Its a fascinating series targetting the endangered species and the science behind this side of nature. Given one paw, the show looks into animal reproductive anatomies and mating habits.  For nature lovers, you will get the best animal footage in their habitats.

Sex in the Wild  Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog: CBS at 7 a.m every Saturday

It’s a very inspiring one that goes beyond giving you tips on handling your pets to getting the best out of them. Brandon McMillan is specialized in training and care for the once untrained and out-of-control dogs. He transforms them to rescued and adoptable dogs. Given a four paw cute factor.

Too Cute!  Animal Planet- Refer local listings

Overwhelming cuteness in this show just in half an hour.  As the title suggests, it makes you get the admirable antics of puppies and kittens examined weeks after birth by Veteran actor Henry Strozier.  It shows all about how they make their first steps until when they are fully adopted.  The show ’s warm narration has even given Henry an Emmy nomination!

Too Cute!  Animal Planet Dr. K's Exotic Animal

Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER: Geo Wild – Refer local listings

The list of best animal show isn’t complete without mentioning Dr. K’s Exotic Animal Er. A whole lot of house pets excluding cats and dogs are operated here. Name them! Marsupials, primates, foxes, ferrets, fish, rabbits, reptiles and birds are taken care of by Dr. Kelleher Susan. She even goes a step ahead to use a baby voice in communicating with a pet bushbaby just to console it. The show has a three paws cute factor.

My Cat From Hell: Animal Planet – Saturday 8/7c

This is all about cats. Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist, tries to improve the relational bond between humans and cats. This is by understanding their psychology resulting in knowing best environments for the cat’s safety, playfulness, eating, love and the ‘angel’ feeling. He even talks about the best furniture for the cats. It has a 2 paws cute factor.

My Cat From Hell Cesar 911

Cesar 911: Nat Geo Wild – Refer local listings

Cesar uses his intuitive tactics to turn timid pet owners into good ones by teaching them dog whispering tactics. This gives her the “Dog Whisperer” title. It’s an interesting one.

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet: Animal planet – Refer local listings

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is one of the best animal show out there with substantial fan followers. Jeff together with his 30 veterinary experts working for the Planned Pethood Plus animal clinics respond to over 80,000 pet cases.

Its filled with compassion, accuracy, and speed despite the often chaotic and risky circumstances. They also undertake pet visits. He goes a step ahead to take his services to communities, ranches, and roadside clinics. Catch this show for a fascinating experience.

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet

These exclusive shows depict our interaction and the overwhelming bond we have with the wild. All these ten shows are perfect.

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