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Who is Jayson Tatum wife? Who is he dating? Know his Baby Mama Toriah Lachelle. 2022

Image of Who is Jayson Tatum wife. Who is he dating.

Jayson Christopher Tatum, famous as Jayson Tatum is an American basketball player. He was born 24 years ago in Missouri. The athlete has a brother, Jaycob Tatum and a sister,  Kayden.  He was active in sports during high school and as such, he plays professionally for the Boston Celtics. The team signed him five years ago after he made it to the NBA Draft. Jayson Christopher Tatum scored 20 points as a Celtics rookie. He was the first to achieve 25 points during a playoff game.  Jayson helped the Celtics to the 2018 NBA playoffs. The athlete also represented the United States in the FIBA U19 and FIBA U17 in 2015.

Jayson’s Relationship.

Currently, Jayson Christopher Tatum is single but rumors circulated that he has a thing with Ella Mai, a singer. A source stated that Jayson Tatum once flew to Ella Mai’s concert in Baltimore.

They have not officially declared if they are a couple, but his attendance at her concerts have raised eyebrows. Jayson Christopher Tatum is a hero on the basketball court.

This translated to a lot of attention from the opposite sex. There has been a lot of drama with past girlfriends and his baby mama because Jayson has a history of having more than a woman at once.

Image of American Basketball player Jayson Tatum is currently single now

American Basketball player Jayson Tatum is currently single now

About Jayson’s Previous Girlfriend.

Jayson and his former girlfriend, Samie Amos, met in college. She was in her sophomore year at the time. The relationship did not end well. Samie played volleyball for Duke. She posted about their break on Instagram in 2018, tagging Jayson Christopher Tatum.

Image of Jayson Tatum with his ex-girlfriend Samie Amos

Jayson Tatum with his ex-girlfriend Samie Amos

“She stated, “You think you played me? Who ended up losing? I mean, what did I lose? She was frank about her post and Jayson’s betrayal. Several days after the post, Amos deleted the picture from Instagram.

Drama, Love triangle with Toriah Lachelle.

A boy who did not appreciate what I did”. That was part of the infamous Instagram post. Sami even spoke to Trib Live 2014, stating why she made that comment on Instagram. Jayson Tatum left his previous girlfriend Samie Amos and started dating Toriah Lachelle. The two have a baby together.

Jayson Tatum’s Baby Mama

The athlete, Jayson Tatum, has a son. The boy’s name is Jayson Tatum Jr. He was born in 2017 and turned a year older just the other day. And the baby mama is Toriah Lachell. Jayson is a good father who fulfills his parental duties.

Image of Jayson Tatum with his son Jayson Tatum Jr

Jayson Tatum with his son Jayson Tatum Jr

His baby mama has said a lot of positive things about Jayson on her social media accounts. She praises him for being a responsible father. Jayson Christopher Tatum even has a tattoo of his baby boy and is proud to show it off. She did a post on father’s day, and the two attended their baby’s dedication.

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