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What happened to Rick Ness on Gold Rush? Is he leaving gold rush? 2022

What happened to Rick Ness on Gold Rush

Rick Ness use to play football in college before he had a head injury that terminated his football career abruptly.

Prior to joining Gold Rush, Rick had ventured into music releasing three albums with his band and had toured most countries across the world.

Rick, however, had experience in excavation during Gold Rush, but he had little dealing with heavy machinery as he used them in the family construction business.

After working for a long time in Gold Rush, there are rumors about Rick Ness Leaving the show. Let’s find out what happened.

What happened to Rick Ness during the gold rush? Why is he leaving Gold Rush?

Well, working in mining can be a bit tough sometimes.

The employee may require more from you, and maybe it is the maximum that you have offered.

The same case happened to Rick Ness on his quest to mine in the gold rush. His boss Parker Schnabel is in disagreement with Rick Ness about his failure in the gold mine.

Parker Schnabel, who runs the organization wants more gold, and any wastage of his invested funds is uncalled for.

He questions Rick Ness on his way of doing things and the lower output.

For instance, a case in point is when Parker asks Rick on why he was spending a lot of time working on some project and is dissatisfied with the mining procedure.

Rick Ness says that he needed four more people when in the firstplace he told them that  he would do the work alone.

As Parker left, he contemplates on whether he will have Rick Ness in the next show or not, as he feels that he is becoming incompetent and unreliable in a gold mine.

He on the other side is left hanging on the idea of whether to continue working or not.

Is Rick Ness Leaving the show? Any New Show?

The feud between Rick Ness and his boss Parker has escalated, so Rick is leaving the show.

Parker was heard reporting to his superiors that Rick is not cooperative.

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Posted by Rick Ness on Thursday, December 14, 2017

Parker accused Rick Ness of being so comfortable and not ready to work in tiresome and hard ventures like gold mining which requires commitment and energy.

We cannot tell where he will land next. But unconfirmed reports say that he may have found his new show and will be back on the screen soon.

So now you know what happened to Rick Ness. You also know if Rick  Ness is leaving Gold Rush.

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