Nina Hansen Wiki-Bio, age everything about Sig Hansens’s Daughter

Nina Hansen Daughter of Sig Hansens

You probably first heard about her after the news of the lawsuit that she filed against her father hit the media headlines.  Just who is this lady? This article will tell you everything you desire to know about Nina Hansen. Who is she when she is not suing her father of sexual abuse? Read on to know this and much more details about her life and the finer details of the lawsuit.

Family: Parents, Father Sig Hansen and mother June.

Nina was born in 1988. She is the child of Sig Hansen and his lovely wife June. She has one sibling, her name is Mandy. Mandy is more like her father and enjoys an adventurous life. The family has a settlement home in Seattle, the place where they also spent their childhood.

Unlike Mandy, Nina does not seem to get along too well with her father and is actually on record for taking him to court. Read on to know the juicy details of the lawsuit.

Nina’s career path is nowhere close to what her father does for a living. So, what does Nina do for a living, that’s our next area of focus as discussed below.

Is Nina Hansen married to a husband? or dating a boyfriend?

Currently, we do not have any reliable information about Nina’s husband. It is not clear whether she has any children either. No reliable source has any information about any boyfriend. All this is under review and you can count on us to give you the updates as soon as we have them.

If she is still single, well, Nina is still young and has plenty of time to mingle, is she chooses to keep it away from the media, well, that too is a decision we choose to respect.

Net Worth

Nina Hansen Daughter of Sig Hansens's Net Worth is $100,000

Caption:- Nina Hansen Daughter of Sig Hansens’s Net Worth is $100,000

Nina has a career as a family lawyer with a special focus on Children. Maybe what she alleges to have gone through during her childhood is part of the reason she took up this career if only to fight for children’s rights. She is among the best in the legal field and a highly sought after lawyer. From her legal roles, Nina has accumulated a substantial income whose net worth is approximately $100,000. She currently heads the family department of Freemans Solicitors. Her high level of experience and the exposure she has had makes her the best guide for clients in children law and international law.

The Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Sig Hansen

Nina filed a lawsuit against her father for allegedly sexually abusing her when she was two years old. These incidents, according to Nina happened around 1990 and have taken an emotional turmoil on her and as she told the courts, these are memories that keep her disturbed to date.

The court, in its findings, stated that though they may believe her allegations, there was no way they could attain concrete proof that the act actually happened. This is an act that if it did happen, then it occurred over two decades ago.

Nin Hanse calmed Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Sig Hansen

Caption:- Nin Hanse calmed Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Sig Hansen


Wiki Bio

Nina is a family lawyer. She was born in 1988 to her parents Sig and June. She rose to limelight after filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against her father. Below is a short summary of this family lawyer.

Name: Nina Hansen (Melissa Eckstrom)
Date of birth:  1988
Age: 28 years old
Career:  Top-ranked Family Lawyer
Net worth: $100,000

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