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What are The Last Alaskans Cast Doing Now? 2022

The Last Alaskans Casts

The Last Alaskans is a documentary/reality show that documents the lives of people who live in the Alaskan wilderness. The show initially aired on Animal Planet. But following its popularity, the Discovery channel adopted it a year later. Read this to know what The Last Alaskans cast is doing now.

The documented families live in Alaska hundreds of miles far from the mainland in government-constructed cabins. Bob Harte, Ray Lewis, Edna, and Heimo Korth originally starred in the show. Later, the cast was expanded to Ashley, Tyler Shelden, and Charlie Jagow.

In this article, we emphasize the present situation of the cast of The Last Alaskans. So, what are they doing now? Let’s find out.

Why was “The Last Alaskans” Cancelled?

It’s no doubt, The Last Alaskans” is one of the best tv shows about Alaska and life in the wilderness. When the show ended after season 4 in 2019, thousands of fans wondered what happened to the show.

Sadly, neither the Discovery network nor anyone from the show has revealed anything about the reason behind the show’s ending.

What are The Last Alaskans Cast Doing Now?

The TV series comprises many unique characters who make watching the show worthwhile.

They live in the wilderness of Alaska amidst dangerous wild animals and challenging habitats.

Below we talk about the main characters and what they are doing in 2022.

Heimo Korth

Heimo Korth is one of the main casts of The Last Alaskans. They also sometimes term him the godfather of the final frontier on the show.

Even though Heimo spends most of his time outdoors, he has a home equivalent cabin constructed by the Government. Every season he switches the cabins and lives mostly alongside Coleen River, south to the Brooks Range.

The Last Alaskans casts, Heimo Korth

In 2022, Heimo Korth still resides in the cabins and shows no interest in quitting the refugee life.

He shares photographs of being in the city on his social handle and travels once in a while. He is pretty content with his Alaskan life. Heimo and his wife, Edna Korth, rely on hunting and fishing for survival.

The Last Alaskans cast Edna Korth

Edna is the wife of Heimo Korth, who features in the show The Last Alaskans. The TV personality was born on 25 Jan 1954.

Edna is also older than her partner. Alongside Heimo, she enjoys fishing and hunting and survives in wild Alaska. The duo lives 400 miles from the mainland.

In 2021, Edna lived with her husband. She is a little active on social media with occasional postings.

The Last Alaskans casts, Edna Korth

Charlie Jagow

Charlie was born in Alaska in 1998 to parents Paul and Dawn Jagow. Even though he received some formal education at Lathrop High, his actual knowledge was built in the wilderness of Alaska.

In 2022, he received the Outfitters License and built his cabin soon after. The TV personality is relatively inactive on social media.

His last post was on 26 March 2020.

His whereabouts were unknown in 2022. With the rumors of a new season, we might see him soon on TV.

The Last Alaskans casts, Charlie Jagow

Ashley Shelden

Ashley is not a native of Alaska. The TV personality and blogger is a new addition to the show. She, alongside her husband, decided to start a life in nature. She runs a blog with the domain AlaskaSeldens. There, she talks about her life in Alaska.

According to the blog, Ashley is currently in Fort Yukon with her husband.

Tyler Shelden

Tyler is Ashley’s husband, who features in the show The Last Alaskans. Currently, he is with his wife on Fort Yukon.

The Last Alaskans casts, Ashley Sheldon and Tyler Sheldon with their kid

The Last Alaskans cast, Ashley Sheldon and Tyler Sheldon with their kid

Krin Nelson and Scott Nelson

Krin learned the art of hunting and surviving in the wilderness from her father.

She is a native and has spent most of her life in Alaska. She is married to Scott Nelson. The duo lives together and is a cast of The Last Alaskans.

The Last Alaskans casts, Krin Nelson and Scott Nelson and kid

The Last Alaskans cast, Krin Nelson and Scott Nelson with their kid

The Last Alaskan official Instagram handle hasn’t been updated since 2022. Krin and Scott are currently in Juneau, Alaska.

Even though they don’t live on the ranch, the duo visits Krin’s parents often.

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