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Verizon ad guy Paul Marcarelli net worth and salary. Gay or married to wife? 2022

Paul Marcarelli is a well known American actor, screenwriter and voice actor best known as the Test Man. He has appeared in all the Verizon wireless commercials advertisement. In the adverts, he is always seen wearing a gray Verizon jacket and his horn-rimmed pair of glasses. He stopped doing the Verizon ad in 2011. Know Verizon ad guy Net Worth.

Verison ad guy Paul Marcarelli net worth and salary 2018: can you hear me now guy net worth?

The Verizon ad guy Paul Marcarelli after the quitting the show on 2011 is back again on the stage. The can you hear me now the guy who doubles up as a screenwriter is now with the Sprint Commercial. He is a rich guy who has made a fortune for himself in the entertainment industry as an actor, screenwriter, and a producer.

He is making some good amount of money monthly through his various appearances on many platforms. His earnings while as doing ads for the Verizon was just enormous amounting to over a million dollars.

Verizon ad guy Paul Marcarelli

His current debut with The Sprint is also paying him heavily in his appearance. Apart from appearing in the ads, Paul has also achieved a lot as a screenwriter and a producer. He owns a production company. His general net worth is over $8 million and is still counting given that he is still active in the industry.


Paul Marcarelli was born in North Haven in 24th May 1970. His father is called Ryan. He attended North Haven high school and later joined Fairfield University and graduated with B.A in English. He is married to Ryan whom he has appeared in the adverts. However, their marriage ended prematurely in a divorce. He was once dating Julie Doucet.


He first made appeared in the Test Man series in 2002 with the Verizon Wireless Commercials. His appearance in all Verizon commercials ads was characterized by gray Verizon jacket and his horn-rimmed specs. He quit the company in 2010. In February 2010, after the release of iPhone 4, he reviewed his contract with Verizon where he advertised the product. Prior to his appearance in the Verizon, he has appeared in various companies as an advertiser.

Paul Marcarelli in a commercial advertisement

Paul Marcarelli in a commercial advertisement

He now works with the Sprint as a Spokesperson, a post he has held since 2016. Apart from appearing in commercial ads,  PaulMarcarelli is also a screenwriter and an actor. He has founded the Table Ten Films Production company and wrote the storyline for 2011 independent film The Green.

Paul Marcarelli  is gay and not married to wife.

Paul Marcarelli is a gay. Many people have wondered if really he is a gay or not, but we can now confirm that he is a gay. Paul Marcarelli has been gay for some time now, and maybe he is planning to marry soon. We do not, however, who he is dating as per now.

Paul Macrarelliis also a divorcee. He divorced his wife on 28th November 2016. It is not clear what led to the divorce of the gay man. However, we cannot poke holes as at now, but gay marriage usually does have reasons for divorce.

Paul Marcarelli is the winner of many awards in the American acting industry. He won New American Cinema Award in 2011. He has also won the Jimmy  Kimmel award on 7th June 2016. This gained him fame.

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