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Tony Rock Net Worth Wife, Age, Wiki-bio 2022

Image of Tony Rock Net Worth 2019 Wife, Age Wiki-bio

Meet Tony Rock, the younger brother to the much-acclaimed comedian, Chris Rock. Like his brother and most of his family, he is also a stand-up comedian and an actor as well. You may think he lives behind his brother’s shadow but turns out he’s got his career worked out already. Know Tony Rock’s Net Worth in 2022.

Who is Tony Rock? His Career Info.

With the funny bone running in the family, you’d be surprised to find out that one of Tony’s first appearances on television wasn’t comedic.

He made his debut as a game show host for ‘Can You Tell?’ which aired on Oprah Winfrey’s Oh! Oxygen Network in the early 2000s.

Though there was some humour to it, his first rib-cracking moments came during his appearances on Comedy Central’s Battle Bots. The show was already in its fifth season, and he was one of the correspondents at the time.

His career shot up to include movie roles like Life Support, Me & My Needs, Steve Harvey’s Think Like a Man and many more.

Some of the comedian’s iconic appearances include TV shows like Everybody Hates Chris, and his very own, The Tony Rock Project.

Image of Tony Rock from The Tony Rock Project show

Tony Rock from The Tony Rock Project show

Couple all that with his stand-up comedy events, script writing and you’ve got a talented mega-star.

Tony Rock Net worth 2022.

A thorough evaluation concluded that most of his income could be placed under a vast umbrella called comedy. However, a break down into his net worth reveals more.

Current sources dictate that Tony Rock net worth is $5 million as of 2022.

Rock may have started as an actor but has grown into so much more than that. Like already mentioned, he has written scripts for Laugh Factory, Supreme Court of Comedy, The Funny Spot, Def Comedy Jam and for his brother’s The Chris Rock Show.

Image of Tony Rock with his brother Chris Rock

Tony Rock with his brother Chris Rock

Aside from screenwriting, he has also produced most of the episodes on The Tony Rock Project as it is his creation.

However, we even do know that a more significant percentage comes from ticket sales to his packed stand-up comedy sessions including the Apollo Theater.

Is Tony Rock Married to a Wife? Or dating a girlfriend? Any Kids?

Occasionally, you’ll hear girls going for the bad boys or falling for the funny guys.

For Tony Rock’s love life, that’s never been the case, or at least he hasn’t let it get to that yet. As far as anyone is concerned, the stand-up comedian is single with no wife nor kids.

Image of Tony Rock is currently single

Tony Rock is currently single

The actor values commitment very highly and even bashed Steve Harvey, a two-time divorcee who was to be the voice of Black Love.

He added a slight jest that Steve’s third wife was his mistress during his second marriage.

Nevertheless, in an Interview with People Magazine, Tony gave a little bit of information about his current main focus centred towards his career.

“My older brothers have their own children and they have to go to soccer practice and football practice on the weekends. They’re doing their thing and on the weekends and I’m on the road. The busier we get, the less time we get to see each other, that’s why when we see each other it’s really, really kind of special.”

Tony Rock Age, Family, Siblings, Wiki-Bio and Facts.

Full name Tony Rock
Age 47
Date of Birth June 30th, 1974
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Profession Stand-up comedian, and actor
Net worth $5 million
Wife None
Kids None
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Tony was the joy of his parents, Rosalie and Julius Rock on June 30th, 1974 when he was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Now at the age of 47, he still is the joy of his mother and the rest of his family. He has seven brothers including, Chris, Jordan, Andre, Kenny, Andi, Charles and Brian as well as two sisters.

Image of Tony Rock with his brother Jordan Rock

Tony Rock with his brother Jordan Rock

The comedian grew up poor in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood along Decatur street and mostly looked up to his father as his inspiration. Julius, however, died of health complications as a result of his battle with diabetes.

Tony’s father’s death became his motivation to start a charitable organization called MyRock Foundation. He believes that no one should go through the loss of a father like he did during his teenage years.

Even though he doesn’t get in on his family, they are supportive of his work and couldn’t be prouder.

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