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Terri Carrington: Facts about Rodney Carrington’s Ex-wife 2022

Image of Terri Carrington: Facts about Rodney Carrington’s Ex-wife

Terri is a renowned speech-language pathologist. She is also Rodney Carrington’s ex-wife. The man is a stand-up comedian in America. They were wed for eighteen years and had three children. The American Pathologist was born in the United States on 18th November 1970. Her full name is Terri Shae Lockhart, and she attended the University of Central Oklahoma. The woman has worked at Captioncall as a skilled nurse for a long term care community.  From there, she went to Senior Suites.

Pathology Career.

Terri Shae Lockhart later changed her career and went into speech-language pathologist. Her popularity enhanced after she married Rodney Carrington.

Their wedding took place in 1993 after they dated and courted for several years.

Rodney and his ex-wife were blessed with three children: Sam, George, and Zac Carrington.

As much as she leads a private life, Terri Shae Lockhart maintains active Social Media accounts. The woman occasionally posts pictures with her sons.There are no reports if she is in any relationship or dating anyone.

Who is Rodney Carrington?

Rodney Scott Carrington was born in Texas 53 years ago. He is a known actor, musician, and comedian. His interest in comedy and music started at a tender age.

This came after he took part in some music talent competition nationally.

Image of American comedian, Rodney Carrington

American comedian, Rodney Carrington

He released six albums which were a combination of his comedy routines and songs.  These include:  Hanging with Rodney, Letter to My Penis, Morning Wood, and Here Comes the Truth.

The comedian attended Kilgore College in Texas after completing high school. Rodney Carrington started his career performing at night joints, before moving to Nashville.

Terri and Rodney Carrington Dating Phase

The two met and started dating while they were studying at the University of Central Oklahoma.

They dated for several years, before getting hitched in 1993.  Terri Shae Lockhart then took his last name, Carrington.

This was when Rodney Carrington’s ex-wife’s popularity grew. The pair had a good and happy marriage until 2012.

Their 20th wedding anniversary would coincide with a mutual decision to divorce after nearly two decades of marriage.

The Divorce Phase

Terri Shae Lockhart and Rodney Carrington did not disclose the reason for their divorce.

The latter indicated that he was sure the marriage was doing well until his ex-wife broke the news that she wanted to leave. They used to live in Tulsa before their divorce, sharing a five-bedroom house on more than 20 acres.

Image of Rodney Carrington and ex-wife Terri Carrington

Rodney Carrington and ex-wife Terri Carrington

The only connection Terri Shae Lockhart has is with the children and Rodney Carrington, as she continues her work as a speech pathologist.

Rumors have it that she still stays in Oklahoma with three boys, and they get equal time with the kids. They are both busy with their schedules and the children to have time to date new partners.

Image of Terri Carrington with her three sons

Terri Carrington with her three sons

When they announced their divorce in 2012, Rodney Carrington stated that he had tried to save their marriage. Terri Shae Lockhart insisted that she wanted a divorce.

They separated first for two years before officially divorcing.

Rumors have it that the reason for the split was that Rodney was ever busy at work, punching in long hours. That put a strain on the marriage, and it negatively affected the relationship.

Rodney’s ex-wife felt that she was alone and could not take it anymore and decided to quit.

The Divorce Aftermath

Even after the divorce, the couple has maintained a good relationship. They remain friends because of the kids, and both retained equal custody.

The divorce affected Rodney Carrington negatively. He had a big problem dealing with weight and depression.

Terri Shae Lockhart, on the other hand, has continued to focus on her career.

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