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Sue Aikens faces Backlashes from viewers and Chip Hailstone chimed in to vouch for the authencity of the show.

It was heard that wandering and living in the Alaskan wilderness makes the people a little wacky! 

Meet Sue Aikens, the star of Life Before Zero!

She has all her fans scratching their heads and chuckling over her quirky antics in her personal and mysterious ride, Big Red. 

She is navigating through the tundra between a tank and a snowcat which is already raising questions among the fans. And now her eyebrow-raising decisions are leaving everyone questioning her sanity. 

Sue is always a kind of fun person and her adventures are nothing short of entertainment for now. But what is all the mess about? 

Buckle up and we dive into Sue’s puzzling behavior and find out the reason why the Nodwell 320 has become the fan’s favorite enigma.

Sue Aikens Explains Dark Winter On Life Below Zero (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)


What exactly happened? 

The star of the national Geographics’s Life Before Zero, Sue Aikens has made her fans puzzled and entertained. The attention is also because of her formidable vehicle, Big Red. She is however known for avoiding outdoor excursions after dark because of the dangers posed by the wildlife.

But recently, she is being seen venturing out in the Alaskan wilderness that tho at night. This sudden behavior change has made her fans curious and scratching their heads, especially her er earlier cautionary stance. 

Sue Aikens | Rotten Tomatoes

Adding to the confusion, Sue’s approach to dealing with the wild animals around the camp has changed have added more questions. She leaves the elk carcass near her camp only to be surprised when the predators are attracted to it. This has made the fans question why she disposed of the remains further away to avoid such risks especially based on her previous emphasis on maintaining a secured perimeter. 

Sur’s famous vehicle, Big Red which is a massive Nodwell 320 is made by Foremost industry and is a special character in her life currency. This tracked vehicle is specially designed for heavy construction and maintenance tasks and is now an essential part of her life amidst the wilderness of Alaska. 

Despite all these practical challenges and puzzling choices, Sue and her adventures in the Big Red have made her a compelling and entertaining on the show. Similarly, the resilience and quirky decisions have kept the fans engaged, baffled, and captivated. 

Fan’s concerns 

With all these hanging behaviors from Sur, fans are wondering and curious about her current decisions. Many social media comments and discussion boards are seen surfing around the internet. One of her fans on Reddit mentions by saying, 

So first off, when the show started I recall Sue being very adamant about her not going outside after dark unless necessary because of all of the wildlife that roams around after dark and since then, that’s all we see is her out after dark.

Sue Aikens Explains Dark Winter On Life Below Zero (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

This made people doubt if the show is fake and scripted, to which one of the cast member of the show, Chip Hailstone chimed in and explained the situation, he said,

Its Sue’s doing.

Theres no scripts, so if Sue left a carcass near her camp and animals come along, its her doings.

You can tell she has no script because she poses questions and then answers them….seems odd, but she is not alone and a producer/cameraman is near her, talking with her. We usually just go on talking as we do, because our family is there to discuss our doings, but she has the one or two people and they are off camera. Very rarely, but they do, will a camera/producer ask us questions. We usually save that for an OTF where we stand there and describe things, answer questions.

She live further north than us, so her 24 hour dark is a couple months long, (ours is a few weeks) and if they are going to film there then, its either in the dark/twilight, or its in her cabins.

After filming, editors review and condense the film, and concentrate on a ‘story’ about whats gone on.

She’s come a long way in the last 12 years with dealing with the animals.

Also…..She also gets 24 hour day light in the Summer, much like us, now.

However, some of the fans clarified it by mentioning her location being far away from the US where there is 24-hour darkness and the producers, and cameraman are near her which makes her safe around. 

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