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Lots of people have hobbies. From traveling the world to collecting rare and priceless artifacts. Some even turn it into a full-time profession as seen on America’s television series Storage Wars. The show has aired on the A&E Network since 2010. If you’re a fan, then you’re in for a treat. We focus on one of the cast members called Ursula Stolf. Get to know more about Storage Wars’ Ursula Stolf’s net worth, wiki-bio, husband, family and so much more.

Storage Wars’ Ursula Stolf Net worth and Salary.

The Canadian has made a name for herself on both continents as a full-time actress. This has earned her several nominations and awards including the Canadian Screen Award Chats. Probably her most famous gig was playing Manager in the mini-series, Fiix Software. Otherwise, she’s had a long career in Storage Wars Canada and The Northern Treasures.

With her resume full of various job descriptions, her salary remains disclosed with her net worth still under review. It is most likely that she makes her fortune from her acting career. Other side hustles include owning a store in Toronto called Ursula’s Locker Loot.

According to an online source, Ursula Stolf’s Net Worth is around $60,000.

Ursula Stolf is Married to Husband Mike.

Who says you can’t find love in your teens? The Storage Wars star did more than just find love. Ursula Stolf From Storage Wars is married to her high school sweetheart, now husband, Mike. The heart wants what it wants, even when all the signs point to a different direction: as is the case of our couple, Mike and Ursula.

Ursula Stolf ‘s husband Mike

With nothing in common and different opinions about everything, he still went ahead and shot his shot. Coming out victorious, he dated her for most of her youth and put a ring on her finger sometime in their 20’s. Details about Ursula Stolf and her husband Mike’s wedding are a little bit hazy but yeah, she’s taken.

It’s safe to say she didn’t just fall in love; she grew into it! And if you’re out there thinking there might be any rumors about their marriage especially controversies, tough luck. They have been together since high school and its highly unlikely that they are going to part ways any time soon. Storage Wars’ Ursula Stolf and husband Mike have no children together, yet.

The Canadian’s sisters are Sue, Roza, Claudia, and Olivia.

Facts about Storage Wars’ Ursula Stolf.

Humble Beginnings

The actress had it rough growing up in Rexdale, Ontario. With limited resources, she grew up with the most basic commodities with her physique being skinny and scrawny. Her parents’ divorce only worsened the situation.


Besides filling up her resume with various academic qualifications, she still feels it’s not enough. Her light has always lain in Education where she majored. She intends to get a Ph.D. in the same field

Middle Eastern Heritage.

Canadian by birth but has her roots in the Middle East and partly in North Africa. Talk about a rich cultural heritage.

Sober since High School

After an incident involving an accident in high school, she had one too many beers to take the edge off. The result wasn’t all pretty as she spilled her guts out. Embarrassed, she vowed to stay sober ever since.

Animal Lover

Monty and Penelope are the names of her pets. She got Monty at an auction.

Talented Singer

Like most kids, she also had a passion. The woman can sing! She probably knows this and stretches her vocals in Karaoke Sessions for fun. If life had taken a different turn, she would have probably become a singer or a veterinarian. At least, those are her passions.


Indulging in regular work out exercises and morning jogs are her cup of coffee. In fact, she clocks over 10km each morning through jogging. As a result, she owns quite a ton of sneakers and looks quite toned.

Ursula Stolf Wiki-Bio, Age: How old is Ursula Stolf from Storage Wars?

Ursula Stolf

The early life of the TV personality is not one every kid wants to revisit. Probably one of the reasons she doesn’t talk about it. Having been born on September 1st, 1984 in Toronto, Canada, Ursula Stolf’s is 34 years old.

Ursula’s parents divorced when she was still very young. Her father sometimes turned violent which scarred her. Her mother had to raise her with four of her older sisters in a 900 square foot apartment.

On the brighter side, and damn the last born turned out quite great. In fact, she’s the most learned cast on the show. Her first Bachelor’s degree in Education from Niagara College. A degree in Sociology at the York University become her second.

Venturing into higher education, she got her Master’s degree in Education from Mount Saint University and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources.

Name Ursula Stolf
Date of Birth(birthday) September 1st, 1984
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario
Profession Actress, TV personality
Net worth Under Review
Husband Mike
Kids None
Height 5’ 5’’
Age 34 years old
Nationality Canadian


Storage Wars may have a number of Cast members but Ursula Stolf takes the center stage. Her salary may be under wraps but it’s no doubt she makes the most in terms of net worth. At just 34 years of age with no kids, she sure is happy with her husband Mike.

Now you know Storage  Wars’ Urusla Stolf Net Worth, Husband and age in wiki bio.

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