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Whoever came up with the name Storage Wars must have really thought about it. One cast member who really got to experience the literal meaning of the show is none other than Nabila Haniss. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Find out more about who this VH1 star is including her net worth, wiki-like-bio, age and relationship status.

Nabila Haniss Net worth, Salary.

Who needs hard work when you’ve got fate? The Storage Wars star has not been on the show for long but has a net worth unlike no other. In fact, it matches that of celebrities who have been in the business for so long.

Nabila Haniss’ net worth is currently valued at $10 million. So how exactly did she get this far? By selling precious artifacts of course and being smart about it. She has no other sources of income apart from the one at Storage Wars. Her salary for appearing on the show for only four seasons is also still unknown

Nabila Haniss Networth

Storage Wars Cast Nabila Haniss is Married to a husband.

In as much as she has tried to hide her personal life away from public scrutiny, there have been leaks here and there. For someone worth $10 million, its clear someone somewhere will know something about her.

Through much digging, we came to find out that the millionaire storage wars cast Nabila Haniss is in fact married with two daughters. The names of her husband and daughters that she has tried so hard to conceal will eventually surface. The mother of two hasn’t had an active dating life owing to the fact that she married one of her first love and high school sweetheart.

Nabila Haniss husband, a banker used to bring home the juice while she raised the kids as a stay at home mom. It’s here that she picked up a hobby that turned her life around.

Storage Wars Nabila Haniss Career and Progression

Now let’s have a look at a career that gave Nabila Haniss a $10 Million Net Worth.

It was one of those boring days after the kids were all grown up and off to college that the mother of two decided on something exciting. She made the executive choice to invest her passion and time in auctions and antique collecting.

In a bid, she got the deal of a lifetime when she successfully bid and bought a storage unit with items worth millions. Striking gold was the reveal that the unit belonged to none other than Paris Hilton. With the celeb’s items in her possession, she sold them off to the highest buyer who paid her in plenty.

The strange man parted with $10 million and started the website expose where he is likely to have made millions. Angry and estranged, Paris filed for a lawsuit but soon dropped the charges after much legal consultation. The lawsuit didn’t have a solid legal ground and she would have definitely lost the case. The valuables included her family heirlooms, videos and even nude pictures of her that attracted quite the heavy traffic on the website.

Nabila Haniss joined Storage Wars during the second season after being a recurring cast member for some time. She went on to appear on the following seasons up until the fifth when she called it quits. Through her active Twitter, the mother of two still keeps up the good work rummaging through various storage units.

Wiki-bio, age, Nationality, birthdate, Bra Size, body measurements

Image of Storage wars Nabila Haniss

Name Nabila Haniss
Age 52
Date of Birth October 22nd,1965
Place of Birth Culver City, California
Profession TV personality
Net worth $10 million
Spouse Undisclosed
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Bra size Unknown
Body Measurements Undisclosed

Prior to Storage Wars fame, the TV star Nabila Haniss was a California resident having been born in Culver City. This was on during her birth date on October 22nd, 1965. Having been brought up as the second generation of Americans in her family is just about everything we have on her early life and education.

She does have a brother who accompanies her during her auctions as her voice of reason. The 52-year-old has also done a modest job at hiding her body measurements including her height. We’re hopeful we’ll find something soon and update this piece.


Call it fate or destiny, one thing for sure, that Paris Hilton Storage Unit wouldn’t have been properly put to use if Nabila Haniss hadn’t acquired ownership of its content. Always business oriented, her fast thinking to take the offer saw her net worth rise to $10 million quite effortlessly. Nowadays, she enjoys a blissful private life with her husband at an early retirement age of 52 years. The storage wars cast Nabila Haniss’s Wiki Page does not exist.

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