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What Happened to Rocky from Below Deck? Sister Died? (2022)

Image of What Happened to Rocky from Below Deck. Sister Died

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota a.k.a. Rocky Dakota is a certified ski instructor, surfer, guide, stewardess, cook, and Aquabats. For a time, she was the main subject on Bravo’s reality series, Below Deck, during its third season. However, she never returned for its fourth season and naturally raised the concern of many fans. If you’re here wondering what happened to her, then this is the right place. Check out Rocky’s wiki info here well as the tragic story about Rocky from Below Deck’s sister’s untimely death.

Where is Rocky from Below Deck now?

The former Below Deck star Raquel “Rocky” Dakota now calls Oahu, Hawaii, her home for the past three years. She moved there back in December 2016. Suffice to say, Rocky spent much of her time overseas in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as a stewardess.

She appeared on season three on Bravo’s Below Deck aboard the Eros. Here, she worked under Lee Rosbach as the Captain and Kate Chastain as the chief stewardess. However, none made her job any easier.

Image of Rocky from the TV reality show Below Deck
Rocky from the TV reality show Below Deck

It was always drama followed by a long feud that finally ended when she quit the series in 2015. The following year she embarked on traveling the world enjoying the simple pleasures of life like yoga

How did Rocky from Below Deck’s sister die?

One of the reasons Raquel “Rocky” Dakota is out and about is to escape the reality that her sister is no more. The year 2017, in particular, turned out as one of the hardest when she lost her sister, Sophia Tiare Bartlow.

It was dark and pouring when Sophia, aged 25 and her boyfriend, Sage Candeleria, was speeding on the Waialua beach road.

The accident occurred at around 10.15 p.m. when Candeleria lost control of the white pick-up truck and rammed a mango tree. On-site lookers found Sophia twisted with her leg facing upwards and her back downwards. The car had pinned her underneath.

Image of Rocky sister Sophia Tiare Bartlow died due to lost control of the white pick-up truck
Rocky sister Sophia Tiare Bartlow died due to lost control of the white pick-up truck

Sources claim that she had not worn her seatbelt and that her boyfriend drove under the influence. The paramedics rushed her to the nearest local hospital in critical condition, where she passed away.

Sophia Tiare Bartlow will be remembered as a sister, daughter, and graduate from the University of Hawaii. She was also a stand-up paddling champion and swimmer.

Rocky from Below Deck, parents and wiki-bio

Raquel Bartlow Dakota (Rocky), currently 29 years old, grew up in California with her late sister. Her dad is a reputable surgeon, whereas her mother is a pioneer and world champion surfer. Both daughters took after their mother in aquatic life and athletism.

As a result, Raquel “Rocky” Dakota got an athletic scholarship for higher education and enrolled at the University of Hawaii. She graduated with a degree in Arts, majoring in U.S. history. Soon after, she enrolled at a culinary school in New York City and onwards into her career as a reality star.

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