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Q&A Session with Iron Resurrection Team reveals secret information about the show that you didn’t knew before.

Let me assume you are a gearhead and a die-hard fan of the MotorTrend famous hit show, “Iron Resurrection” and you are thrilled about watching Joe and Amanda Marti transform the routed yet relics into the masterpiece of the automobile world, you are in the correct place. 

The curiosity about the secrets behind the seamless teamwork of Uron’s resurrection and how they manage to keep the drama at bay while ingoing intense projects are on many viewers. Joe and Amanda’s unique dynamics and tricks to keep the shop running smoothly are also questions for many. 

What goes on behind the scenes? 

Now it’s your chance to get the inside scoop. 

From their favorite builds to the craziest challenges. Their revelations are as jaw-dropping as their cars. 

Now, let’s buckle up and dive into some of the secrets and answers from the famous cast of Iron Resurrection. 

Answers to the fans? 

In one of the Instagram posts of the official Iron Resurrection, they dropped a post where the cast was willing to answer fans. Let’s hear what Joe, shag, and Mandi shares with us. 

One of the top comments asked by the fans was regarding the build time of the 36 Ford couple which was quite loved by the fans. 

Marc ask,

“What was the actual build time of the 36 Ford coupe? ”

To which Martinbroscustom replied by saying, “It’s in the paint stage now.”

Similarly, Jose gained huge popularity from the show and was also asked about his bike build,

A fan asked, 

“When are you going to do another bike build Jose? ”

The reply was,

“The final episode of the current season (season 7), we build one for Pampa. That one airs next Tuesday”

Similarly, the fans flooded the comments with a diverse range of comments and questions which included their deep enthusiasm and curiosity about the show and projects. Even though some of the comments were impractical and focused on specific builds and technical details, this showed that fans were eager to know about their favorites. 

From asking about the 36 Ford Couple, the toughest case the team has worked on to the potential future projects, the questions were diversified. 

Do you have a swag store in the shop? Are fans allowed to stop by and buy a shirt or a hat? My cousin lives in Texas and I was thinking of going out there to visit him this summer. I’d love to stop in the shop for a few minutes if that’s OK.

a fan asked

 To which the cast replied and invited the fans by saying the shop is open from 8 Am to 3 pm. 

Another fan was curious about the builder who has been working together for the longest time, he asked 

“I love the show. Currently, besides Mr. Martin, who is the builder that’s been with you the longest and is there anyone who has progressed from basic shop helper to fabricator?”

They replied that @kdub_801 has been there with them for more than 6 years. The way they appreciated their staff was loved by many as they said, 

“He started as a painter, helper and now he is a hell of a metal shaper and fabricator”

Some comments even include the requests for specific cars such as a 69 Grand Prix, a 71 Monte Carlo SS, and even European models. The logistics of the shops were also asked by many viewers of the show. 

One of the fans also shooed his interest and will to see the cast in the European car to which Martinrbos replied sarcastically, 

“We would love to do one too, Maybe a customer will present one to us.”

 Fans of Joe even asked to work with him. 

He asked, 

“Joe I will move to Texas if you let me be your plasma CNC operator, what do you say?”

Joe replied excitedly, 

“Thanks, man, most of our guys are proficient on it. Thanks for asking!”

Many personal and behind-the-scenes questions were also prevalent. This post acts as a medium for communication between the fans and cast. They took up the chance to clear out the curiousnesses. The fans were seen asking about the longest cast, future episodes, and new seasons. 

The compliments included one fan calling Amanda, “an explosion of positivity” and praising the genuine nature, humbleness, and authenticity of other casts. 

Love the show and am blown away with the talent and vision that you guys have with the builds.”

It’s always fun to watch a new build in the making… Joe is my favorite he can do it all on a high level.”

Fans were also requesting more diverse content which includes the builds, international projects, and more appearances by certain cast members such as Pompa. In the overall context, the comments and questions in the post reflected the fan’s love for the show, their engagement with the show, their admiration for the show, and their deviation from “Iron Resurrection”. 

At last, Shag has comments by himself in the post thanking all the fans for the questions, 

Thank You ALL so much for watching Iron Resurrection and digging ging what we do. Thank you for taking time today and asking some fun questions. Make sure to check out the sweet bike Joe and the guys build for Pompa this season. Have a rad week!


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