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Property Brothers Net Worth : Drew Scott & Jonathan Scott Net Worth 2022

Property Brothers is a reality TV series from Canada which original show in the Property Brothers franchise. The series features twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott who provide professional help to house buyers buy and renovate potential properties.

Property Brothers Net Worth in 2021

Property Brothers first aired in January 2011 – and since then, it has been flying to the top. The show has been airing for more than six years, and in all these years, together it has made a net worth that exceeds 15 million dollars.

The source of this huge earning is the ten seasons of the show that is viewed by millions all around the world.The show’s income mainly comes from advertisement and sponsorship.

Property Brothers's net worth is $15 Million
Property Brothers’ net worth is amazing

Drew Scott Net Worth in 2021: $14 Million. (Updated)

The Net Worth of Drew Scott is considered to be worth $18 million. Most of his income is originated from the TV show and his real estate business.

Though the income from his business is not public, approximately Drew Scott received around 50,000 dollars per episode of the Property Brothers.

Drew Scott's net worth is $10 Million

Drew Scott was born on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver. From an early age, he began acting and became interested in directing. He made appearances in some TV shows before he founded Scott Real Estate and later formed Property Brothers with his twin brother, Jonathan Scott.

Jonathan Scott Net Worth in 2018: $12 Million (Updated)

Jonathan Scott is the other half of the property brothers – and his net worth is also considered to be around 10 million dollars – just like his brother. He too receives around 50 thousand dollars per episode of the TV series, and he too carries his fair share in the real estate company founded by these twin brothers.

Jonathan Scott's net worth is $10 Million

Jonathan Scott was also born on April 28, 1978, alongside with his brother. Since childhood, he had a really good interest in being an actor and illusionist. Together they formed Scott Brothers Entertainment, with which they launched the show.

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