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Sherrill Sajak: Bio, Net worth update 2019. Everything about Pat Sajak’s Ex Wife


Sherrill Sajak is an American born on 1945. In 2017; She is 74 years of age. She is the ex-wife to Pat Sajak a talk show host, television personality and a former weatherman. Her background information on the family, education has not been revealed.

Sherrill Sajak and Pat Sajak’s Married life

Pat and Sherrill were married for almost 8 years. After meeting the former WSM-TV Nashville reporter Pat in 1978, the two started dating and a year later exchanged their wedding vows. The two lovebirds were so much in love that Pat was reported not having any doubts with Sherrill. Apparently, the couple is said to have divorced in 1986, after failing to have peace in their relationship. Moreover, the couple had no adequate time with each other and this led to the divorce. Pat is very famous, unlike Sherrill who is famous because of her ex-husband.

Sherrill Sajak with her ex-husband Pat Sajak

Caption: Sherrill Sajak with her ex-husband Pat Sajak

Many people do not know about Pat’s first failed marriage. Not more about her is known on the social sites. That’s because she has kept her personal life private. During the time of divorce, the two did not have any children. Pat Sajak married 3 years later in 1989, after divorcing his wife Sherrill Sajak. He is currently married to Lesly Brown and has two children.

Pat Sajak with his current wife Lesly Brown and children

Caption: Pat Sajak with his current wife Lesly Brown and children

Source: Youtube

Her present relationship status

Despite the fact that Sherrill Sajak is aging, rumors indicate that she is single till date. Nevertheless, Pat moved on 3 years later after they got divorced. Information about her being in a relationship with anyone has not been recorded.


Pat Sajak and Sherrill did not have any children until their time of divorce. Meanwhile, after Pat and Lesly Brown got married they gave birth to two adorable children. She up until now has no records of having any children and that doesn’t seem to be a bother to her.

Sherill Sajak Net worth update: $ 400,000

Having been married to a wealthy man, Sherrill was privy to the life of luxury that came with it. The couple was married for almost 8 years before getting divorced. Her ex-husband, Pat Sajak has a reported net worth of around $65 million.

Although he didn’t disclose his estimated net worth, he talked of bringing in or wages close to $8 Million. This does not come as a shock since Pat Sajak is referred to as the “King” of television game show host. Sherrill Sajak on the other hand had an estimated net worth of $ 400K.

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