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Pat Sajak Net worth update: His Salary Details. Also, age and married life. 2022

Pat Sajak

So Who want to find out Pat Sajak Net Worth? Check this out. The wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak was born on 26th October 1946 in Chicago, Illinois. His birth name is known as Patrick Leonard Sajak. He grew up and schooled in Chicago and attended Farragut High school; from where he graduated and joined Columbia College still in Chicago. After the graduation, he applied for an opportunity at WEDC as a newsman for about 6 hours as from midnight.

Other than just being a weatherman and the wheel of fortune host, Sajak is also said to have been a deejay earlier on during his younger days in college and also when he worked in Finance with the Military. His persistent and great mastery at his work has earned quite a number of awards thus making him a great personality with whopping Net Worth.

Pat Sajak Net worth: $70 million. See his Salary details.

Pat Sajak annual salary is said to be $12 million, from hosting “Wheel Of Fortune.

As such, Pat Sajak net worth is estimated to be $70 million. Being a former weatherman, television personality, actor and game show host this is no surprise at all.

His career in the media industry began in 1975 when he was employed by the military radio.

He later found his way out of the military radio as he had desired for so long and joined the KNBC TV as the weatherman before proceeding to host “Wheel Of Fortune” upon request.

Pat Sajak host of Wheel of Fortune show about Climate Change


Pat Sajak Married life and Career.

Sajak got married to his wife in 1979 and they began their happy moments together, however, the joy was short lived as they got divorced in 1986. His first wife was Sherrill. Later on, three years after divorced he chose to remarry once again. His second and current wife’ Lesly Brown is a photographer as well as a wonderful mother to their amazing two children; Patrick and Marie with Sajak.

Pat Sajak with first wife Sherrill Sajak

Caption: Pat Sajak with first wife Sherrill

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Pat Sajak with his second wife Lesly Brown and their children Patrick and Marie

Caption: Pat Sajak with his second wife Lesly Brown and their children Patrick and Marie

Source: Youtube

Pat Sajak career path was faced with a lot of difficulties at the start. After completing college Pat Sajak was able to secure an employment position with WEBC as a weatherman. Despite the minimum wage, he was paid pat Sajak was still happy to do what he loves most. Later he joined the Military with the aim of escaping Vietnam. However, his expectations were crushed when he was taken to Vietnam to work as a finance clerk.

He wasn’t impressed with his current work and kept on applying to every job advert. He later secured a position at the military radio as a weatherman. It was while he worked as a weatherman that he was picked to host the Wheel of Fortune.


  1.  He was sent to Vietnam unwillingly. He joined the army in 1968, at the moment army troupes were being sent to Vietnam. When Pat Sajak joined the army he was hoping that he won’t be sent to Vietnam. Unfortunately for Pat Sajak, he was still sent to Vietnam where he worked as a Finance clerk in Long Binh, Vietnam.
  2. He had a passion for working for a radio station. After being sent to Vietnam to work as a finance clerk, he wasn’t satisfied with his job opportunity. He kept on applying to various radio job duties but to no avail. Eventually, he decided to use his connection with one of the elected congress members. The Congressperson who had been Sajak’s radio employer made few calls to the right people in his favor. Luckily for Pat Sajak, he was employed as an Army disc jockey in the Military radio for 18 months.
  3. His career didn’t have a smooth start. He had to work hard to acquire the net worth that he has now. His first radio employment was on a tiny Spanish radio station in Chicago. Despite the station operating in Spanish, his show was aired from midnight to 6 am in English. Due to the language difference, his show recorded the lowest listener’s rate due to the limited audience. Other than the station language, Sajak and the disc jockey also had a language conflict. While he didn’t speak Spanish the Jockey also didn’t speak English thus making translation during the show difficult.
  4.  His look earned him the position of the “wheel of fortune”. Which later gave Pat Sajak an opportunity to be a millionaire with a net worth of $65 million.

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