Mel Robbins Is Married To Husband Christopher Robbins. Her Net Worth, Salary, Age.

Image of Mel Robbins Is Married To Husband Christopher Robbins. Her Net Worth, Salary, Age.

Mel Robbins competence in news reporting has made her rank among the best news anchors in America if no globally. In fact, if you were following the 2014 Gracie Awards, you will agree that she was awarded the title of outstanding news anchor for news 96.5. It is no wonder CNN cannot afford to let her go as the loss will be on their side right? Now take a look into Mel Robbins’ net worth and salary, age, career, and Mel Robins and Christopher Robbins affairs. Are they an item as people claim or this is one of the celebrity rumors?

Who is Mel Robbins? Her career details

She is an American news anchor born on the 6th day of October 1968 and raised in North Muskegon. Mel Robbins age as of 2018 is hence 50. Irrespective of Mel Robbins age, she still looks young and still doing awesome in her reporting field. Her popular name Mel happens to be the short form of her full name Melanie.  Her career began way back in 1986 after studying history, film and women studies and graduating successfully in these fields in 1990. She advanced her studies by studying law at the Boston College Law School and by 1994 she had already earned herself a degree in law.

The TV hosts career did not begin in media houses. It began in various law courts in New York before she started working in other organizations. It was her determination and outstanding nature in these working places that got her into the television world. She also engages herself in writing and even has a life coach business where she mentors prominent clients including but not limited to Dunkin nuts and Johnson & Johnson. About her writing career, the author was successful enough and managed to release her first book “Stop Saying You’re Fine in 2011.

Mel Robins and Husband Christopher Robbins are married since 1994. Kids?

In case you were not aware, the certified lawyer owns a media company by the name The Confidence Project Inc. The husband, Christopher Robbins is the managing director of the firm. Mel Robbins and Christopher Robbins met at Puck Building while attending a black-tie part in 1994.

After a year of dating, the lovebirds got married on 24 August 1996 at Mel Robin’s house on Bear Lake eared in North Muskegon, Michigan. Since the pair love outdoor activities, they choose Montana for their honeymoon which enabled them to enjoy some fishing activities. After a year of being married, Mel Robbins and Christopher Robbins left their Manhattan house. They currently reside in Sherborn in Massachusetts.

Image of Mel Robbins with her husnand and their kids

Mel Robbins with her husband and their kids

The duo is blessed with three children with the firstborn being Sawyer Laurel (daughter) born in March 1999. The other two children are Kendall (daughter) and Oakley (son) whose dates of birth are not known. Based on the news anchor post of her children and husband on social media and the yet to be heard family dramas, it is evident that Mel Robbins and Christopher Robbins are enjoying a perfect marriage together and we hope it will last a lifetime.

Mel Robbins Net Worth, Salary.

She does not only earn her income from reporting news at CNN but also from hosting various TV shows as well as from writing and her life coach business. Although her net worth and salary remain hidden, there is a higher probability that Mel Robbins’ net worth must be a seven-figure-net worth. If Mel Robbins’ net worth and salary were not incredibly overflowing, then how do you explain the lavish life she is currently enjoying? Nevertheless, Mel Robbins’ net worth and salary will, however, be updated on this site as soon as it is availed to trusted sources.

Image of Mel Robbins net worth is not available

Mel Robbins’ net worth is not available


Celebrated author and CNN news anchor Mel Robbins details explained including her age, career, net worth and salary, children, marital status and relationship with Christopher Robinson.

Quick Facts about Mel Robbins

Name Melanie Robbins
Nickname Mel Robbins
Birthdate 6.10.1968
Age 50
Nationality American
Career Lawyer, author, news anchor, TV personality
Net worth Not known
Marital status Married 1995
Husband Christopher Robbins
Children 3
Weight Not known
Height Not known

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