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Mehgan Heaney-Grier wiki-bio: Net Worth, Husband, Married 2022

Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Mehgan Heaney- Grier is one of the most known American celebrities. Mehgan Heaney, who is 44 years old, has achieved tremendous achievements in her fields of specialization and is hence recorded as one of the most talented people in the States. She has a range of domains, including a diver, the American champion in the field, a model in the fashion industry, an actress, and twelve personalities. Learn more about Mehgan Heaney-Grier’s Net Worth. Also, look at her married life and know her husband, Silas Binkley.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier Net Worth.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier has achieved a lot in her diverse career. Her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million.

Well, her rich and varied carer has contributed enormously to the increase in her net worth. Heaney-Grier is in her early 40s and has achieved a lot because she has specialized in a wide range of careers and activities.

She was the American freediving champion first in 1996 and broke her record in 1997, and with this, she earned a fortune.

The united states of America recognized her efforts by healthy income. Mehgan Heaney-Grier is also a model. She runs a model fashion show where she also learns some good cash.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Caption:- Mehgan Heaney-Grier Net Worth is over $2 Million

Mehgan Heaney is both an actress and a television personality. She has appeared as a stunt in numerous films, including The Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003 and Scuba Diving.

In these two films, Mehgan Heaney is a diving stunt in the deep sea. These have increased her net worth enormously. She has appeared in movies which include The Blues (2005) and Turistas (2006).

Mehgan Heaney-Grier Married to a Husband Silas Binkley. They have a son together.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is married.

Her husband, Silas Binkley, is a Ph.D. graduate in Experiential Sustainability Education (ESE). They met while Mehgan Heaney was at the University of Colorado while majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary.

She married Silas Binkley on 26th June 2010. Heaney-Grier and her husband have a son.

She manages time out of her busy schedule to be with her husband and adorable son, who is six years old.

However, news of her being pregnant is not there, but maybe it is something the couple is planning for soon. Just maybe.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier with her husband Silas-Binkley family

Caption:- Mehgan Heaney-Grier with her husband Silas-Binkley family

Source:- Instagram 


Mehgan Heaney is a multi-talented woman. She is a free diver and has made a breakthrough in the field.

In 1996 at the prime age of 18, she broke the diving record and her record in 1998.

In the same year, she was the captain who led the American diving team to compete in the World Freediving Championship held in Sardinia, Italy.

She became a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2000.

It’s good to note that Mehgan can breathe in water for over 4mins.

Apart from diving, she is also a fashion model. She started modeling at 14 and has been a professional model since 1991.

She is also an actor appearing in several movies, both as the main character and a stunt in the film.

Wiki Bio

Mehgan Heaney was born on 26th August 1977 in Duluth, Minnesota.

Her father, Bill Heaney, and her mother, Renee Heaney, divorced when Mehgan was six years old. But her mother remarried Nelson Grier 5 years later.

They lived in Florida with when she was a young girl with her stepfamily and sister.

She was introduced to diving at age 16, and she perfected her talent so much that she became the best in the States. She has appeared in several movies and television shows since 1991.

Meghan is married to his husband, Silas Binkley, and news of her having children remains unknown.

She is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology, with first-class honors.

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