Matthew Lyons: 7 Facts about Carla Hall’s Husband.

Image of Matthew Lyons: 7 Facts about Carla Hall's Husband.

She is a beauty that has left heads turning since her appearance on Top Chef and the ABC show The Chew. What many desire to know, whether out of curiosity or for personal benefits is if the outstanding queen is married. Yes, your favorite American chef, Carla Hall is happily married. The fortunate man in her life is Matthew Lyons. You now want to know more about the star’s husband, right? Okay, here are seven facts you need to explore about Carla Hall’s husband.

Government involvements

Carla Hall’s husband Matthew Lyons once had a strong relationship with the Federal government of America. To begin with, upon completion of his studies he worked at US House of Representatives for three years as a staff member. In 2000, while working at Biotechnology Innovations, he was the director of government relations.

Carla Hall’s husband Career and net worth

He is a lawyer by profession. This explains why besides being a legislative director for the US House of Representatives, Matthew Lyons also worked for the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as a legislative analyst before being promoted to being the firm’s senior legislative analyst. Carla Hall’s husband attained his bachelor’s degree in law from the George Washington University 23 years ago. It is from this career that he earns a net worth of $2 million.

Image of Matthew Lyons net worth is $2 million

Matthew Lyons net worth is $2 million

Is Matthew Lyons a photographer?

Besides law, Carla Hall’s husband also has a career in photography and a profession in literature. It is however not disclosed whether he obtained these skills from an institution or if this was his inborn talent and passion. Whatever the case, Matthew Lyon seems perfect in the niche if he is part of the people who have taken the beautiful photos of his wife.  In relation to media, Matthew Lyons studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media from the Western University.

His social life

Today’s world has better been described as a global village with the internet being it’s headquartered. If one is not obsessed with the mighty of the internet and social media to be precise, then they are better described as anti-social in this current era, right? This, therefore, brings us to the fourth fact about Carla Hall’s husband which is he is anti-social since he does not have any social media pages. Of course, some accounts are bearing his name, but they do not trace to his identity as Clara Hall’s husband.

Matthew Lyons private life

It is one thing to be anti-social and another thing to be secretive especially if you are a celebrity. This is because an anti-social is one who is selective on who they are social with and a secretive person is one who entirely refrains from exposing his or her detail even to the few persons he or she socializes with occasionally. Well, Carla Hall’s husband happens to be both because, in spite of his appearance on various shows and his wife’s little talks about him, there is very little information about the guy. Perhaps, Matthew Lyons prefers a secret life which is also okay because not all of us are comfortable with our lives being out there.

Previous relationships of Matthew Lyons

The lawyer and photographer was once in a serious relationship before meeting Carla Halls. This is because he has a handsome son Noah Lyons who is apparently not related to the chef by blood. I don’t know what you think but isn’t this enough proof that he was once in a very serious relationship with someone? It is just unfortunate that the information about Noah Lyons biological mother is not yet disclosed. However, keep it here in case any information about his son’s mother from trusted sources reaches us.

Carla Hall’s husband and online dating

While you may not believe in online dating, Matthew Lyons is a believer of this site. In fact, he met his wife through an online dating site named He would not have opted to use the site if he was not a believer of online dating or was it just a onetime thing that turned out to be successful? We are yet to know, but every detail shows that Carla Hall’s husband is a great believer in online dating and just in case you didn’t believe in online dating perhaps you can try your luck like Matthew Lyons.

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