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Luis Coronel Girlfriend, Net worth, Height, age, birthday, parents siblings 2022

Luis Coronel

Luis Coronel is an American singer common for his Mexican genre music. He made his first public appearance on Youtube which led to his current music career. At the age of 21 Luis has a net worth of $ 3 Million accumulating from his music career. Coming from a Mexican family, this made it comfortable and easier for him to specialize in Mexican songs.

He salutes his grandfather for motivating to pursue music, earlier he was a boxer before quitting boxing to focus on music. Despite hiding his relationship affairs, he revealed his current girlfriend through an Instagram post of them together with the caption ” love isn’t supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be worth it”.

 Who is Luis Coronel girlfriend? also, find more on his ex-girlfriend and dating life.

Luis has been very discrete about his girlfriend or relationship status over the years. Recently in 2016 Luis revealed the love of his life, Cristina Bernal to his Instagram followers. Sometime back when he was just beginning his musical journey he was dating Adilene and the two were happy together.

According to Luis one time after a tour from Chicago while spending time with girlfriend Adilene he was playing on her phone when a text came in from a guy Adilene was having an affair with. Broken hearted, he decided to go back to Chicago to meet up with his friend Jessenia. After expressing his feeling to Jessenia, Jessenia confessed her love for him and the two decided to be a couple.

After expressing his feeling to Jessenia, Jessenia confessed her love for him and the two decided to be a couple. Adilene, on the other hand, had posted about their breakup on Instagram. The happiness between Adilene and Luis was short. He was scheduled for an interview forcing him to go back home. It’s not clear as to when the two broke up as the next thing we saw was the picture of his new girlfriend Cristina and Luis expressing their love on Instagram.

 Luis Coronel Net worth and source of income 2017

According to the 2017 statistics, Luis Coronel net worth is approximated to be $ 3 Million.

Luis Coronels' net worth is $3 Million
Luis Coronel’s net worth is amazing

This is from the great number of sale from his albums inclusive of an annual earning of $ 363636. Luis career began back in 2012, however before that Luis had been singing for his church choir from a young age of 6 years.

As a teenager, he wanted to be a boxer and even practiced boxing matches. If he had chosen Boxing as a career we are not sure if he would have become such successful with $3 million net worth. One day after a match Luis recorded his musical performance and posted it on YouTube. This was followed by thousands of likes and views thus creating his first public appearance. It was through the video that Angel Del Vilan discovered his talent and offered him a recording deal with Dell records.

As from 2012 to date, he has released 5 albums both of which have made a real positive impact towards his net worth.

Albums Sale income
Love is in the air  $250,000
Mesrine: killer instint $187,500
Quiero Set Tu Dueno $171,429
Pieds Nus Sur Led Limaces $130,435
Con La Frente end Alto $130,435

Height: how tall is Luis Coronel?

Luis has quite an average Height, According to our sources. Luis is 5 ft 8 inches tall. This can be expressed as 171 cm and 1.71m. His weight, on the other hand, is approximately 62 kg equivalent to 132 pounds. Due to the tours and the music dance partner he works out hard thus giving him the nice body physique.

Luis Coronel age & Birthday: how old is he?

Born on 3rd February  1996 to a Jalisco dad and Sonora mother, his age is 21 years as of 2017. He is the youngest in his family. He has two older siblings Mireya and Bebe. Luis was born in Tucson Arizona US, he grew up with both his parents and siblings. His grandfather supported him to pursue music as it was his passion. The music career had been able to propel him towards the growth of his career and music.

short biography

Name Luis Miguel Coronel Gomez
Birthday 3rd February 1996 Tucson Arizona US
Age2 21 years old.
Musical genre Regional Mexican and Banda
Active 2012-present
Height 5’8 ft  1.71 meters
Net Worth $3 Million.
Weight 62kg
Siblings Mireya and Bebe

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