They survive high amounts of salinity either by excreting salt through their leaves, or simply by safely keeping it within their tissues. Many of the fish caught commercially in tropical regions reproduce and spend time in the mangroves as juveniles or adults. Published Values of Mangrove Ecosystem Services. Access to our library of mangrove resources, © 2020 Mangrove Action Project. In addition to their adaptation to salty conditions, mangroves have also evolved innovative reproductive strategies. H�dVˎ7��W�V+����HN�s0q������HJ�I�fT�Y"�Լ~z�����OL�?(量����ג�S�O���z���G}��%�*�ܦ�^{z|��}�HK�W��JH�e. Mangroves absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon in their sediments, thereby lessening the impacts of global warming; and. pa`r�z`�~f��� The carbon value on the other hand is, um, is growing. The stability mangroves provide is essential for preventing shoreline erosion. Mangrove ecosystems are also important habitats for a wide range of birds and insect species, and lesser numbers of mammals and reptile species, providing nesting, feeding, and refuge areas. N�L��A��B�g�� � :+r These include services such as nutrient cycling, primary production, soil formation, habitat provision and pollination. Mangrove forests form the basis of a detrital food chain, where the fallen leaves provide coastal waters with much of their productivity. Explain one probable cause for the change in per capita waste from 2000 to 2012. The natural functioning of coastal ecosystems is needed to produce and sustain the vital flow of various goods and services to humans. Subsequently we looked for endstream endobj startxref This paper examines the value of ecosystem services provided by mangroves. o,����j Mangrove substrate may contain 20-25% carbon, which may also help explain the high productivity and biodiversity of these ecosystems. This module provides guidance for people interested in mangrove ecosystem conservation, restoration and management. By some estimates, less than 50 percent of the world's mangrove forests were intact at the end of the 20th century, and half of those that remain are in poor condition. Pu���{�9�Gc�pe`��{�bp�!����L`+/"g���d�`4ao�0� B���Y����|Πs���-���v�2�keJ= B��ɗ��&A��o��h�T� �����%�/,~s���-����2�FF�Y]��Ge�]�Ĩ�)��>��\Y@";�j�C�_W�C#��L�M�C>�mo��.W��$������J������خ�k����$��Pv ]�l�Fv�X�N �4���� *X��n-���4���-y��?�2�'/����yh�i&�r���hs0�� B�1���%u9�i���/���t�T��E�"�(���y�~�z���m)�vޝ�ljĭ>֜v�M�6F�ƪ���:kX��i�A���ن����vL��:�N. h�bbd``b`^$w �@�5H����� �-H��$�bـ��W�`��? Assigning a value to these three mangrove ecosystem services has been conducted for Thailand by Barbier (2007), who compared the net economic returns per hectare to shrimp farming, the costs of mangrove rehabilitation, and the value of mangrove services. Mangrove trees have developed unique adaptations to the harsh conditions of coastal environments. h�b```�C���@���� �96��X�����y��8��qqԭ�b��doΜY�tmv�z|��>���I�m E��:W�L�V��jBꤛ/f�r�松(k%[���UK$S��o@�$:::�v����!u(�Q���Q �`��h`�h�� By acting as buffers catching materials washed downstream, they help stabilize land elevation by sediment accretion, thereby balancing sediment loss. To this end, education and awareness strategies are also critical. Rising sea levels are a longer-term challenge. 366 0 obj <> endobj %%EOF A mangrove commonly refers to two different things: a tidal swamp ecosystem found in tropical deltas, estuaries, lagoons or islands, and the characteristic tree species populating this ecosystem. Many responses earned a point for correctly identifying one ecosystem service provided by the intact mangrove ecosystems. The concept of ecosystem services has become an important model for linking the functioning of ecosystems to societal benefits. C�Z�'i�ܪD�:��,��0^�}�}�8@ʲ)R���LyC&6?� ��7�|�-U�������������w�V(�;����w;��`/y� �E��LqPٔ���J�,�CD��[�ne(��2�px���,Qx(6�`���ɁSm�#x���ϒ�F�`�|1�[&���{ �(��1h�F�h���9��͜�t�e��=;��n�s;*4�)j�@e���5��q�)��~�m\��4�)e=�Vog=�^WJV�H���\$#�^�X��Rs+5&�irC�$�▲��>*���l�jœ:1q�i���fKz�ѽ��P���Dv�!G6W@�`ꀰ|UU[�)�+��X�2lƈ��x���t�S����� ȍbO�{ò�j܊�ת�p͆5.F,c�N��� m�j�G�C澶�����}����%�b���8r�~��K��\⊊=�_@�?��K�b���ӥ�V0&�J\��� �>��7}�� We used an expert-based participatory approach (the Delphi technique) to identify, categorize and rank the various ecosystem services provided by mangrove ecosystems at a global scale. The aim of this paper is to conduct an ecosystem services valuation study for mangroves ecosystems, the results of which can be used to inform governance and management of mangroves. The ecosystem services provided by mangroves in Mexico include habitat creation for commercially important species, protection from hurricanes, natural beauty, and carbon storage and sequestration.
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