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Life Below Zero Spin Offs are Cancelled: Chip hailstone Reveals the fate of LBZ Original.

Life Below Zero (styled as Life Below Zero°) is a documentary television series from the United States, presented in English, that highlights the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters living in the remote regions of Alaska. The show, which first aired on National Geographic on May 19, 2013, is produced by BBC Studios and is still ongoing, with its 23rd season beginning in November 2023.

The series captures the lives of individuals and families who depend on their skills and the environment to survive in Alaska’s unforgiving wilderness. As of March 18, 2023, the show has produced 230 episodes, and it provides financial compensation to its cast, with each actor earning between $2,000 to $4,500 per episode.

Main Characters:

  • Sue Aikens: The sole resident of the Kavik River camp in northern Alaska, located 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Chip and Agnes Hailstone: Reside with their seven children on the Kobuk River in Noorvik. Agnes, an Inupiaq native, brings generational knowledge and deep family ties to the land.
  • Glenn Villeneuve: Initially moved to Alaska from Burlington, Vermont, living alone in Chandalar. He is later joined by his family.
  • Jessie Holmes: Lives in Brushkana, Alaska, as a fisherman, hunter, and dogsled racer with his 40 sled dogs.
  • Andy Bassich: Lives on the Yukon River near Eagle, Alaska, with his 25 sled dogs. Following a divorce, his girlfriend Denise now lives with him.
  • Erik and Martha Mae Salitan: A young couple experienced in wilderness living, residing 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Wiseman, Alaska.
  • Ricko DeWilde: An Alaskan Athabaskan who moves into his family’s remote abandoned cabin near Huslia and later brings his children to teach them about subsistence living.

The series portrays not just the struggle for survival in one of the harshest environments on earth, but also the unique lifestyles, skills, and resilience of those who choose to live off the grid in Alaska.

Life Below Zero Spins offs are cancelled

If you are a fan of Life Below Zero Spin off shows like Life Below Zero: Next Generation, Life Below Zero: first alaskans and others, there’s a bad news for you, these shows got due to new producer’s decision. Some of the cast member of these shows has expressed their frustrations over the producer’s decision and have asked fans who watched these spin off shows to raise their concerns by reaching out to the network and the producer.

One of the cast member of “Life Below Zero: Next Generation”, Brittany Rowland took it to her facebook to share the sad story, she wrote.

As many of you have seen in my stories, National Geographic has decided to cancel Life Below Zero’s spin off shows, including ours, Next Generation. Honestly, we don’t exactly understand why as NextGen has been wonderfully successful, other than there’s a new executive that wants to change things.
Something beautiful about living in America is: we can share what we think! We can tell @natgeotv how sad we are about this choice. We can encourage them to reevaluate, and share the reasons why they should listen to their audience.
You can join us – you can share, in the kindest ways, what Life Below Zero: Next Generation has meant to you in the comments below. If you love all the shows, share that too! We aren’t limiting this “call to action” to just our show.
Unfortunately we don’t have an email or physical address to share if you wanted to write a letter, but we do have social media! We ask that you make a post on your account what you would write in a letter. If your account isn’t public, or you would rather not post on your own, I’m happy to do so directly onto my account. Just send me what you’d like to say.
If you are willing, make a post with kind words about what these shows mean to you, tag @natgeotv, @lifebehind_lifebelowzero, as well as me (@brittrowlandlife) so I can also share in my stories. You’re welcome to share this post too!
Ultimately, I want to stress the importance of being kind in your words. We want to encourage National Geographic to reconsider what their audience wants the most, and we want to do it respectfully. Let’s see what some positive pushback does for this new executive.

Katie from Life Below Zero: Next Generation started a petition to bring back the show.

Katie from “Life Below Zero: Next Generation” expressed her deep disappointment on Facebook over the cancellation of their spin-offs. She noted that this decision has affected her, her family, the cast and crew, and numerous fans worldwide who cherish these shows for their authentic portrayal of life in Alaska’s remote areas. Highlighting Nielsen ratings data, she emphasized that millions of viewers tuned in weekly, demonstrating the show’s significant impact.

Katie urged fans to sign a petition to show their support for the return of these beloved shows and to leave kind feedback for Nat Geo. She stressed that signing the petition is a way to voice the audience’s desire for more authentic Alaskan stories and to send a strong message to producers about the eager audience awaiting more seasons.

Is Life below zero Cancelled?

Chip Hailstone recently revealed on Reddit that “Life Below Zero” is continuing with new episodes in production, much to the delight of fans. In his message, Chip mentioned, “We are still filming Life Below Zero, making more for you folks,” and hinted that while the spin-offs might not currently be airing, they could return in the future. This announcement was met with widespread enthusiasm from viewers who expressed their excitement and gratitude.

Viewer Reactions:

  • windtrees7791: “This post just made my day! And I know it will make many others’ day too. Love watching the Hailstone family, always learn something from you guys. Inspiring family goals right there.”
  • MsBlondeViking: “You are correct, this makes my day!”
  • My_Big_Arse: “GREAT! Nice to hear from you guys!”
  • Personal-Function474: “Yes, I follow the camera guys on Instagram and they were out filming a couple weeks ago.”
  • 1964hilda: “Hailstones need their own show.”
  • EntrepreneurLucky222: “You guys are awesome we love watching your family and the others, thank you for sharing!”
  • Agreeable-Antelope-6: “100% agree! Love watching you and your ever-growing loving family!”
  • disenfranchisedchild: “Thank you for letting us know that we have something to look forward to! I am so glad.”
  • ClassicOrchid9674: “Me too. I tried to watch First Alaskans, but I couldn’t get into it. I think it’s because I started with the original. I hope they don’t take these away from us.”

Other fans shared their concerns about the future of the spin-offs and expressed their appreciation for the Hailstones’ authentic representation of Alaskan subsistence living. The community response was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting how much viewers cherish the show and its portrayal of the Hailstone family’s lifestyle.

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