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Married To Medicine Kari Wells Net Worth, Age, Married, Husband, Wiki-Bio

Married To Medicine Kari Wells

She has made many appearances on TV, Married to Medicine being one of the reasons you have seen her on your screen. Married to Medicine is a reality show on Bravo, it is set on the lives of six different women who are either doctors or married to doctors. This article is an insight into the life of the funny, friendly and elegant Kari Wells. Read on for more details on her private life including her net worth, her source of income, age, husband, children and so much more.

Is Kari Wells Married To A Husband?

Well, this is probably the most interesting part while analyzing a person’s private life. So, Yes, Kari Wells is married. She is married to Husband Duncan who is an orthopedic surgeon. Kari and her husband Duncan have been married for 10 years.

The two make a beautiful couple and have been blessed with two children, the eldest is Alexa who is 8 years old followed by Bryson who is 7 years. Kari values her family very much and she is a good mom and wife to her children and to Duncan.

Net Worth, Salary.

Regardless of Married to Medicine being a reality show, Kari who is part of the cast has a background in comedy, drama, and theatre. I know you have probably watched her on The Have’s and the Have Not’s.

She has made appearances on a couple of other TV shows. Having featured in one too many movies, Kari Wells is currently trying something she describes as more challenging; she has taken up roles in comedy.

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Kari Wells has a net worth of $8 million. Her net worth has been accumulated from her roles in the TV shows plus as a result of her involvement in the fashion and business industries. She has been the image for big names including Pepsi, Visa, and Jeep.

Married To Medicine Kari Wells Net Worth is $8 Million

Caption:- Married To Medicine Kari Wells Net Worth is $8 Million


Kari Wells has a British and Italian descent. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a housewife. She had a passion for dancing and even attended the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

She later moved to Greece where she spent some time working as a dancer but later moved to the US to progress her career further.

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Wiki Info and Biography

Kari Wells is a television star and model currently based in Atlanta. She was born in Yorkshire, England. She is famous for her role in Married to Medicine, the show that focuses on six women who are either doctors or married to doctors.

She is married to Duncan Wells who is an Orthopedic surgeon and she helps out at the finance department of his medical practice.

Kari and her husband Duncan are huge supporters of people in need; they make regular supports to charitable organizations to help the same. Details on her age remain undisclosed.

Her Wiki info

Name: Kari Wells
Place of Residence: Atlanta
Marital Status: Married
Net worth: $8 million
Spouse: Duncan Wells
Career: TV Personality
TV Show: Married To Medicine
Children: Alexa And Bryson

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