For first timers, or those who are new to the hobby and are setting up a community tank, this guide can help you make good fish choices. They grow to around six inches across and have some special care requirements. Read on for more information on each fish. They can breed in an aquarium environment and get along with most aquarium communities. Gourami Watcher [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia. Unlike true nocturnal loaches, the Clown Loach is active during the day but will shy from bright light and hide amongst plant stocks or in rockwork. The plecostomus is another important bottom feeder. Neons are another colorful fish for a 10-gallon tank, and probably one of the most popular fish in the industry among novices. Typical Size: 2-3′ Molly Fish An optimal fish for beginners, molly fish have a diverse habitat that ranges from freshwater to brackish waters. Zebras are a small member of the minnow family. Beautiful Betta and rainbowfish, hardy goldfish, and pretty live-bearing fish like guppies, mollies, swordfish and platies are some of the best known. Just like us humans, fish are what they eat. Consider the betta fish an honorable mention. Their tall and thin build makes them perfect for navigating this environment and swimming between stems with ease. There are certainly many beautiful and unique fish in the saltwater world. The chart below gives an overview of the characteristics of the different types of fish that are most commonly available. By Daniella Vereeken [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons. They are all algae eaters, so make sure to supplement their diet with algae wafers. They grow even larger than blood parrots, reaching an adult length of over a foot. Here are a few ways to bring out the color in your tropical fish. They usually get along with most fish in the tank but might have problems with other male hatchetfish. It will help you select fish that can live together in harmony, giving you a happy, healthy, friendly community. As tropical freshwater fish, gouramis get along with molly fish, but many other community-friendly species. Its also exciting to see their personalities unfold. These fish reach an adult length of up to six inches, so you'll want to choose at least a 30-gallon tank, but bigger is better. Freshwater fish compatibility for a happy tank! I was tempted to include the betta in my list of colorful community fish, but I did not want to mislead anyone. They’re small enough for a 10-gallon tank, but as you need to keep them in a school of six or more you might consider a 20-gallon aquarium or larger. Betta fish are a great addition to a freshwater aquarium and make good tank mates for neon tetras. Try to avoid stress in your tank. Overpopulation in a tetra tank They can live in smaller tanks if you are careful not to overstock, but I'd probably go with a 30-gallon or larger if I wanted other fish. bettas can be community fish in certain situations. Angelfish are one of the most common fish in the aquarium industry, and possibly one of the most misunderstood. I guess I can only say fish that I have that get along. They will disperse around the tank, but school tightly when threatened. That means choosing colorful, vibrant freshwater fish that really stand out. Fishkeeping is one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can have, which is proven by the millions of people that have fish in their homes all across America. Remember to make sure you research the compatibility and tank requirements of every fish … African cichlids aren’t generally compatible with other tropical fish, even other cichlids from different parts of the world. While bettas can be community fish in certain situations, most often they are better off alone in a 5-gallon single-specimen tank. They come from huge freshwater lakes in Africa known as the Rift Lakes or African Great Lakes. When aquarium inhabitants don't get along, somebody ends up getting picked on. Here is my list of big, colorful fish for your tank: Some of the fish listed above are too big to keep with the smaller species I mentioned in the community section above. Roan Art [GFDL CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons. Also be aware that they will wreak havoc on plants, especially as they get larger. If you intend to keep them consider a 55-gallon, well-planted aquarium for their home. Tropical Fish: Ultimate A-Z List (From Arowanas To Zebra Danios) October 11, 2019 Robert Freshwater Fish 0. Tetras tend to swim in the upper or middle parts of the tank often, staying away from bettas. Aggressive fish should always be monitored closely to ensure that they are getting along. When fish are crowded they become more agitated and are more likely to quarrel with tank mates. It is a peaceful fish that prefers a well-planted tank and poses little threat to anything that doesn’t fit in its mouth. have bunches of this great plant. Basics on breeding some of the more commonly bred tropical fish. It is best to have just one male betta fish in a community tank with at least 6 to 8 tetras. Keeping tank mates that are incompatible, however, can lead to all kinds of problems. By KoS [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. They are typically aggressive and territorial fish, and certain precautions must be taken to ensure they get along. A general rule of thumb for stocking a fish tank is one inch of adult size fish per net gallon of aquarium capacity, but territorial fish need even more space. Some come in truly beautiful colors and patterns. You can read more about each fish below. Blue rams are peaceful South American cichlids. Email:, Please Help, I am looking to buy a leaf muntjac deer, and am willing to travel where ever to purchase one. Piranhas, one of the most efficient predators with razor sharp teeth and a ferocious nature. These catfish get to be up to 11 inches long. Zebra danios are one of the fish that have been genetically altered to become the popular GloFish. While they may do okay in smaller tanks, I prefer to see them in 55 gallons and up. There are a number of other tetras that would qualify as good beginner fish. That might make them sound undesirable, but they are known to interact with their owners and are beloved by many aquarium enthusiasts. They’re livebearers, so try to keep a ratio of two females for every male when stocking. Aquatic Mosses for Freshwater Tanks. Here is my list of the most colorful community fish: Many people who own an aquarium are simply interested in maintaining a pretty tank filled with compatible community fish. Jungle's Pets and Animal Speak - Newsletter. For this reason, they aren't a good choice for most home aquariums. The minimum tank size for these guys is thirty gallons when kept alone, with another ten gallons per additional fish.
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