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Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Josh Balz still together? Is Ryan Ashley Josh Balz wife?2022

Image of Josh Balz and Ryan Ashley still together. Is Ryan Ashley Josh Balz wife

Spike TV brings you a reality show that hails the Tattoo Queen, Ryan Ashley Malarkey. However, much goes on in her life that doesn’t make it on screen. More precisely, her private life and relationship with her boyfriend turned fiancé, Josh Balz. Let’s have a look at their relationship and see what milestone’s they have accomplished together. More so, when are they getting married or is Ryan Ashley Malarkey already Josh Balz’s wife?

Who is Josh Balz?

Music is also a form of art, and that’s what Josh focuses on. He was a keyboardist and synthesizer for the rock metalcore band called Motionless in White. The artist was also a backup vocalist for the group until his departure in 2017.

Balz departure didn’t cripple the group as such since it’s still going on strong even though the reasons behind his decision remain unknown. The band’s inception was in 2005, but Josh wasn’t part of the group until 2007.

Image of Josh Balz

Josh Balz

His career is signified by the release of the albums Creatures and Infamous. As a result, he was signed by the record label Masquerade Records and later Tragic Hero Records. As we stand, Balz’ career is managed by Fearless Records. However, he received much media attention following his relationship with Ryan Ashley Malarkey. Let’s now shift the focus to her.

Who is Ryan Ashley Malarkey? 

Most people refer to her as the Tattoo Queen after her victory on Spike TV’s eighth installment of their competitive series, Ink Master. Before all the hype she was a regular tattoo artist from Pennsylvania working her way up towards stardom.

Image of Ryan Ashley

Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Ryan’s introduction to celebrity status set her on a path of total fame. She even got her spin-off show titled Ink Masters: Angels which was a huge hit. Production plans for its second installment are currently underway.

However, Ryan Ashley Malarkey had not always set her eyes on tattooing as a career. She had her focus on another form of art and even majored in it at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Part of her initial career plan had been under the guise of fashion design at a private clothing designing firm.

Josh Balz and Ryan Ashley Malarkey Dating life. Are they married? Still together? 

During Ryan’s career shift and before she tried out for a shot at the Ink Master title, she met and fell in love with Josh Balz in 2013. Both their careers had not brushed the peak surface yet, but their love had already reached the cornerstone.

With a strong foundation, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Josh Balz dated for three years until 2016 when he Josh proposed and she said yes. Details of their engagement are still under wraps since they like to keep their relationship pretty low-key. However, one thing is clear; they are not yet married.

Image of Josh Balz with his girlfriend Ryan Ashley

Josh Balz with his girlfriend, Ryan Ashley Malarkey

The pair act as if they are husband and wife since they practically live together in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Besides their love for each other, they are both dog lovers and own two named Casper and Toronto who share a living space with them.

Is Ryan Ashley Malarkey Josh Balz’s wife?

Away from their romantic relationship, the pair is also partners in business. Ryan Ashley Malarkey and Josh Balz both the co-owners of their shop that deals with merchandise. It’s called the Strange and Unusual Oddities Parlor located in Kingston, Pennsylvania. It has been five years now, and their love is still going strong with no rumors of separation or cheating. But Josh Balz and Ryan Ashley Malarkey are not married. Hence Ryan Ashley Malarkey is not Josh Balz’s wife yet.

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