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Jonathan Mangum net worth, Salary, Age, Wife Leah Stanko Mangum 2022

John Mangum is a famous American actor, play write and comedian. He comes from Charleston, South Carolina but grew up in Alabama. Jonathan was born on January 16, 1971. Not much is known about his parenting and childhood. The comedian shifted to Orlando and graduated from, University Of Central Florida, with a degree in psychology. He started his comedy career in Orlando at the SAK Comedy Lab alongside his fellow comedian Wayne Brady. They later collaborated with Wayne Brady in Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, The Wayne Brady Show, and Let’s make a deal. Jonathan then moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to chase a career in comedy.

He made his first TV appearance on ER, Shoot Me, and Reno 911. The star has made stunning appearances in over one hundred TV commercials. In addition to his acting career, he has written shows on the N Network and Disney Channel. Are you curious about Jonathan Mangum’s Net Worth? Read on.

Jonathan Mangum, Career.

Jonathan Mangum has featured regularly in comedy shows such as The Drew Carey Show (ABC), The Wayne Brady Show (ABC), The Wayne Brady Show (ABC), Central’s Stripmall, Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza (GSN), Reno 911, and The Sarah Silverman Program and NCIS

Drew welcomed Jonathan Magnum to join, Drew Carey Improv All-Stars, after doing very well on, The Drew Carey Show, for two seasons.

Jonathan Mangum has also worked with Rob Reiner, appeared with Jack Nicholson in, The Bucket List, and later appeared with Eddie Murphy in, imagine that.

Jonathan Mangum has also tried his hand at writing, having penned down, The Wayne Brady Show, and another winning show, Brandon T. Jackson. He worked as a star in VH-1’S spoof, Home Purchasing Club as well as, Conversations. He has also written for Walt Disney Company, The Lumber Jacksons. He is still active on Television and the Film industry.

Jonathan Mangum’s Net Worth.

His salaries from comedy tours and TV shows contribute to his wealth. He has had an acting and comedy career for over two decades. As a result, Jonathan Mangum’s net worth is $500,000.

Image of American actor, Jonathan Mangum net worth is $500,000

American actor, Jonathan Mangum net worth is $500,000

His hard work in his career made him what he is in the comedy and acting industry. He would perform thirteen shows each week while attending college in Orlando.

Jonathan worked very closely with his close associate, Wayne Brady. While in Orlando, Jonathan Mangum appeared in such shows as, Fortune Hunter, Seaquest DSV, Clarissa Explains it All and Welcome Freshman.

After moving to Los Angeles, where he was later joined by his Orlando Improvisational comedy troupe called, The Houseful of Honkeys. The Honkeys performed their favorite game show, You Bet Your Honkey, at the ACME Theatre for a record five years and went to shoot with ABC some show tests.

As he did these shows, Mangum appeared on such shows as Married…with Children, ER and Just Shoot Me. Wayne Brady, his comedy associate, later asked Jonathan Mangum to join him in his performing tour.

Ever since that invite, they have been performing together. The most recent performance they did together was in Las Vegas at Venetian Hotel and Casino.

Image of Jonathan Mangum from The Wayne Brady Show

Jonathan Mangum from The Wayne Brady Show

Jonathan Mangum is married to wife Leah Stanko Mangum. Kids?

His wife is Leah Stanko. They have two kids: Austin Mangum and Chase Mangum. Jonathan met his wife through a mutual friend.

Image of Jonathan Mangum with his wife Leah Stanko Mangum and with their kids

Jonathan Mangum with his wife Leah Stanko Mangum and with their kids

Leah moved into an apartment next to his old friend’s. As he helped her move the boxes, the spark of love for the two love birds was ignited to date. They are a happy couple who are seen happy together on their photos over the years.

Short Bio On His Wife, Stanko Mangum.

Stanko Mangum was born on the south side of Chicago. She attended The Chicago Academy High School for the Performing Arts. She later majored in theatre at Loyola University.

Image of Actress, Leah Stanko Mangum wife of Jonathan Mangum

Actress, Leah Stanko Mangum wife of Jonathan Mangum

She started as a touring actress when she performed with Equity Theatres. She toured North America starring Donny Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor.

Stanko Mangum has a long-acting and casting career having worked across different roles as casting director, actress, producer, and writer.

Age, wiki-bio.

John Mangum is 51 years old, having been born in 1971. His wife is Leah Stanko. She is also the casting director of his show. The couple has two children. The comedian is a graduate of the University Of Central Florida.

After graduating, he started his comedy career which he has co-built with Wayne Brady, over the years.  The man’s job is impeccable, his accolades numbering in the hundreds. He is a stickler to persistence and patience which he believes is what makes the difference in careers. The comedian stuck to the game and has made it.

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