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Jenny Marrs revels illness on Family Farm. Here’s what happened.

HGTV star Jenny Marrs provided an update from her family farm following concerns about their newest member, baby lamb Tommy, who recently developed an infection. In her June 15 Instagram post, the “Fixer to Fabulous” host shared, “Tommy 🐑 update: he’s feeling much better today! Still temporarily blind but we are so hopeful his body and his eyes will heal completely. Y’all are so sweet to check in on our little lamb buddy 🤍.”

Responding to a fan’s inquiry about Tommy’s condition, Jenny explained further, saying, “he is sick with an infection because his immune system is weak from not getting enough nutrients from mama at birth 💔.”

How Did the Marrs Family Come to Adopt Little Tommy?

Jenny introduced Tommy to her followers in a May 21 post, where she revealed she had taken on the role of bottle-feeding him for their neighbor, “Mr. Tommy,” named after the lamb himself, because Tommy’s mother was unable to provide enough milk. In her post, Jenny shared, “Our little Tommy now thinks I’m his momma and follows me everywhere (I may have taken him with me to carline… he just cries and cries when I leave him). This week, I thought he was ready to spend the day in the pasture while I worked but, alas, he wanted none of it and immediately tried to escape to get to me.”

Fans were relieved to hear that Tommy was improving in Jenny’s June 15 update, with comments including “Baby Tommy 😍” and “So glad [Tommy] is feeling better. I’m praying for him.”

On June 18, Jenny continued to share moments with Tommy on her Instagram story. In one clip, she called Tommy over in the driveway, where he ran eagerly to her, pausing briefly by the family’s house before reaching her and his bottle. Another clip showed Tommy playfully chasing her husband and HGTV co-host Dave Marrs around the yard, with Jenny jokingly writing, “@dave.marrs keeps trying to get in the mower but Tommy keeps following him 😆.”


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The Marrs Family’s Berry Fest is Coming Up

Before providing an update on little Tommy, Jenny’s June 15 post also served as a reminder that the Marrses were gearing up for Berry Fest, just a week away on June 22. She mentioned, “There are a handful of tickets still available for the Saturday event. We are so excited to welcome you all to the farm again this summer! 🫐”

Dave and Jenny host an annual Berry Fest in their blueberry fields, inviting community members and fans to join them for a day of blueberry picking, live music, and support for local vendors from Bentonville, Arkansas. Proceeds from the event go towards Help One Now’s community care efforts in Zimbabwe and Belize, as stated on the ticketing site.

Jenny also shared that in 2024, unlike previous years, they were thrilled to have their beloved Zimbabwean leaders, John and Orpah, joining them for the celebration. She expressed excitement for attendees to meet them, hear their stories, and be inspired by their generous and selfless leadership.

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