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Jenna Marbles Net worth. She bought a house with her boyfriend Julien Solomita 2022

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Nicole Mourey is one of the most highly esteemed YouTube personalities as of today. She has the highest subscribed channel owned by a female as of 2017. This has boomed her net worth and made it reach millions. Although most of the information on Jenna Marbles is on based on her exemplary hard work in the entertainment industry, she happens to have a boyfriend too.

Jenna Marbles Net Worth is $8 Million in 2022.

This YouTube personality turned actress, has laid a solid foundation for herself. She has appeared in various famous films such as the season 2 of the Epic Rap Battle of History as Eve.

That’s to mention a few. Jenna Marbles’ current net worth is $8 million dollars. She is an entrepreneur as well, that must add to her net worth. She has assorted items that are engraved with her popular quotes.

Jenna Marbles net worth is $4 Million

Caption: Jenna Marbles’ net worth as of 2018 is $4 Million

Jenna Marble and Julien Solomita are one of the most stable YouTubers out there who made it big via vlogging. She still has more than 18 Million subscribers and every video she has published till now has at least a million views and believe or not it is a good thing, and by all means, it means money.

The estimated net worth, $8 million of Jenna Marbles is sure to skyrocket in the coming days as she still is active in what she does. No doubt about that.

Jenna Marbles recently bought a Maison with her boyfriend Julien Solomita.

This Youtuber with her boyfriend Julien were living in a rented apartment in Los Angeles until may 2018. And all of sudden she uploaded the pictures of her beautiful house on Twitter and other social media accounts.

Their new house looks beautiful with a well furnished beautiful bedroom and a shiny kitchen(as seen in the pictures she shared). Like you guessed, their recently bought house has a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.

She posted a video on youtube to reveal her fans and followers about their new house, she wrote,

This house means the world to us. The absolute world. I also realize now that this is my 400th video which is pretty cool as well and totally isn’t gonna make me cry or anything.

The information as to how much she paid for the house and the location is not revealed but looking at the video and images they shared we can speculate Jenna Marble’s new house worths around $1 Million at least.

Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend and dating life With Julien Solomita.

Julien Solomita is the name of Jenna Marbles’ boyfriend. The two have been dating for years now and do appear in each other’s vlogs once in a while. They own a podcast together known as Jenna and Julien podcast.

Jenna Marbles clicking selfie with Julien Solomita

Jenna Marbles with her boyfriend Julien Solomita

Source: Instagram

Youtuber Jenna Marbles is very open about her dating life and is always excited to share their time together on social media. One would think he is the only guy she has dated because there is no information on her past dating life.

Her boyfriend Julien is also a YouTube but quite as famous as she is. He has around a million subscribers approximately and a good number of followers on social media. He must be a secure boyfriend for him to be comfortable dating a woman with a big name like hers.

Jenna Marbles’ age, Short bio.

She was born Jenna Nicole Mourey on the 15th of September 1986. She is 30 years old as of writing this article. Only her mother is known, her father’s information is not available.

She was born in Rochester, New York in the United States to a woman known as Deborah Mourey. She doesn’t have any known siblings. The beautiful youtube star is a beauty with the brain as has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Education in sports psychology and counseling. She is a famous comedian, vlogger, and YouTube personality.

Full Name      Jenna Nicole Mourey
Date of Birth  15th September 1986
Place of Birth  Rochester, New York
Parent(s)           Deborah Mourey
Net worth           $8 million
Occupation         YouTube Personality, Comedian, Vlogger
Zodiac                    Virgo
Boyfriend              Julien Solomita
Residence              California, U.S.A
Age                           35

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