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Jamie Davis Net Worth and Bio 2022

Jamie Davis actor

Jamie Davis is an English actor. He is famous for his role on the popular television show, Footballers’ Wives and its spin-off. He played the role of Harley Lawson in that show. This show is based on the lives of the wives of professional footballers. It is a British television drama. It focused on the fictional Premier League Football club Earls Park F.C., the players of this club and their wives. It aired on the ITV network from January 8, 2002, to April 14, 2006. This show was very successful and it ran for five continuous seasons. Before getting into Jamie Davis Net worth let’s first find out more on his career.

Other than Footballers’ Wives, Jamie also played the role of Leon Taylor in Hex and Max Walker in Casualty. Hex is another television program of Britain. It aired for two series. The story of the first series was based on the supernatural relationship between a Fallen Angel and a student called Cassie. Leon Taylor, the character played by Jamie Davis, was the love interest of Cassie, who was the lead star of the show.

Jamie Davis Net Worth

The net worth of Jamie Davis is around $1.2 million. That is so because he has performed in a number of British television series. Jamie is still working hard in order to reach new heights. His role in the show Footballers’ Wives was not as much significance as it was a supporting role. Still, he developed a good following for himself because of his talent and hard work. People admire his acting skills. His second show, Hex was canceled in April of the year 2006. His role in this show was quite significant as he was the love interest of the lead of the show. He also goes to rescue the lead character.

The biggest show of his career is Casualty. He plays the role of Max Walker in that show. Casualty is the longest running medical drama in the history of television of the world. It is certain that all these shows are the main source of his income. His role in Casualty is also a little significant. The vastness of Casualty can be understood from the fact that it has already crossed over 1000 episodes in its 30th series. It has also celebrated its 25th anniversary, therefore; it is the biggest show of his career so far. And we can say that his main source of such huge net worth is the same Tv Series.

TV show's star Jamie Davis playing Max Walker character

Jamie Davis scene in TV show ‘Casualty’

Source: Pause Live Action

Short Bio

Jamie Davis is an English actor. He was born on April 18, 1981. His birthplace is Pontefract, West Yorkshire, situated in England. Jamie attended Carleton High School, which is also situated in Pontefract. He is married to Lucy and has two children namely, Noah and Mabel. He used to play semi-professional football in high school. He is a supporter of Liverpool F.C. He lives with his family in Muswell Hill, London. He started his career in acting when he was 16 years of age. He began his career in a production of Kes at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.  He played the role of a footballer in Tevor’s World of Sport.

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