What happened to Darrell Ward on Ice Road Trucker? How did he die?

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2016 was undoubtedly one of the worst years of Ice Road Truckers family as they lost their very own Darrell Ward. The deceased had been part of Ice road tucker since 2012. Perhaps this justified why Darrell Ward death has saddened the fans of the show more so his fans. While some have a hit of how he died, a majority of you are wondering exactly what happened to Darrell Ward. Well, to be on the know of Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward death; keep it here because besides this you will be advantaged to know of his career life.

What happened to Darrell Ward of Ice Road Truckers? How did he die?

You must have heard that Darrell Ward death which occurred on the 28th day of August 2016 was as a result of a plane crash. Not that this is false but there is every bit of what happened to Darrell Ward. The Ice Road Truckers was on his way to film a documentary style program at Missoula which would have been making headlines today if not for that fateful day.

Interesting enough, the Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward was almost successfully done with his flight until the hour of landing when the single-engine Cessna 182 that the star was flying crashed. The plane, before catching fire, hit on the south side of the eastbound lanes of interstate ninety next to the Rock Creek exit. In a way, this should tell you that bad weather was not the cause of the plane crash like most plane crashes that occur.

Image of Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward died in plane crash

Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward died in a plane crash

So what caused Ice Road Tucker Darrell Ward death through a plane crash? According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the cause of the crash that claimed the life of the star along with his co-pilot Mark Meltoz was the sudden right turn when the two were approaching landing. The reason why the pilot decided on taking a right turn is not understood today. Maybe they were having some technical problems, or perhaps they just decided on making a right turn.

Did we mention that the plane before its crash has taken off from Dallas where the star and his pilot had attended the Great American Truck Series? Well, we just did. Since it is two years since their departure, we hope that their families have found comfort and that the souls of these great pilots continue resting in perfect peace.

His career in Ice Road Truckers

Every person who is in the limelight has a company or person that is responsible for their fame. When it comes to the deceased, his popularity was as a result of his appearance in the show Ice Road Tuckers. Therefore failing to mention his career in this show would be somewhat unfair.

Ice Road Tucker Darrell Ward joined the show during its 6th season in 2012. He was able to maintain being a significant cast from 6 till season 10 of the show. Credible sources indicate that Ward being part of the show was not by chance but because he had an estimated 30 years of experience in the field. Meaning, trucking had been part and puzzle of the truckers’ life long before joined the hit show airing on the history channel

Image of Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward

Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward

Before Darrell Ward death, the news was that he was scheduled to appear on the shows season of 2017. It is unfortunate that the tucker did not live to fulfill this dream. Ice Road Truckers is undoubtedly missing the guy because apart from featuring and playing his role on the show, he never ceased from assisting his fellow truckers even those that he was never in good terms with, in the show.  Before his sudden death, Ice Road Truckers Darrell Ward, according to celebrity net worth was earning an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Maybe we should mention that even though it seemed like he devoted much of his attention to the show, he always took some time of the show business. During this time, you would find Darrell Ward assisting the local authorities to fight the fire. This should tell you how philanthropic the guy was. I mean, not everyone would perform such an act in such a risky field if it is not their job.

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