Dr. David Samadi Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Married, Family, Age

Image of Dr. David Samadi Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Married, Family, Age

They were certainly not wrong; our forefathers of course, when they said that one would be remembered not for what they utter but for what they did. Well, meet David Samadi professionally known as Dr. David who is a living example of our forefather saying. He is a urologist by profession, and this is not what is making him famous in this contemporary world but what he has done in his urologist’s department. Let’s quickly get into his personal info as well as his marriage life including his wife and children if any before embarking on his career, net worth and salary. 

Dr. David Samadi is Married To Wife Sarah Danielpour.

Is he married? Of course he is, otherwise, how could he have managed to be as successful as he is in his career yet they say behind every successful man is a strong woman.  Sarah Danielpour happens to be Dr. David Samadi’s wife. Based on the photo’s the man shares on his social media platform and the fact that no relationship dramas between the two have been experienced, there is no denying that their marriage life is at its best.

The urologist and his wife have been blessed with a son, Alex Samadi and a daughter, Jasmine Samadi. Sadly, the couple prefers keeping their married life out of the public which explains why their dating experience, how they met and the exact date of marriage remains hidden to date. The family likes to go for vacation which is a clear pore that amidst his tight schedule Dr. Samadi still has time for his family.

Image of Dr.David Samadi with his wife and son

Dr.David Samadi with his wife and son

Dr. David Samadi Net Worth and salary

Given his career as a urologist, you can bet that his net worth and salary are quite a big deal. Although his current annual salary is not disclosed, in 2012, trusted sources estimated Dr. David Samadi’s salary as being $7.5 million. Meaning, the surgeon’s salary could rise high in 2018. Unfortunately, the father of two has managed to keep his net worth out of the media, but we all know that Dr. Samadi’s net worth is a seven-figure net worth.

Image of Dr. David Samadi net worth is $7 million

Dr. David Samadi net worth is $7 million

Family members

The surgeon is not an only child of his parents Manouchehr and Forough Samadi. He is blessed with two siblings Daniel Samadi his younger brother and Sister Heidi Samadi. At a young age of 15, after the Iranian Revolution, Dr. David Samadi left his native land Iran for Europe and later the United States of America.

Career info

He is a certified urologist hence can diagnose and treat urologic ailments and prostate cancer. Very little is known about the beginning of his career. Of course, it must have started from a higher learning institution and followed by work in relevant organizations, but the specific details about where he first worked remain hidden. Currently, Dr. David Samadi works at Lenox Hill Hospital as the Chief of Robotic Surgery and acting chairman. His achievement of treating over 6000 patients with prostate cancer through his invention of Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment is the reason why he is in the limelight today. It is no wonder he is also part of the American Medical Association and a member of the American Urological Association.

Wiki-bio and age

In as much as we would desire to avail you of Dr. David Samadi’s age, this is impossible. The doctor has managed to keep his birthdate and place hidden hence no one can tell of his age. Sources estimate Dr. David Samadi’s age to be in the late 40’s or early 50’s. This can however not be confirmed entirely unless he decides to open up about when he was born. Concerning his nationality and ethnicity, this is also hidden, but we know for a fact that the surgeon was born and even grew up in Iran in the Persian Jewish community until when he left for Europe with his younger brother.

Although his high school studies are under review, he revealed that he attended college at Stony Brook University where he obtained a B.S degree and also attained Montefiore Medical Centre and earned his M.D in urology. He is that type of doctor who knows how to manage his time and during his free time, you would either find him listening to music, traveling with his family, playing tennis or cycling.


The life of Dr. David Samadi from his wife, to his net worth, to his family down to his career

Quick Facts about Dr. David Samadi

Name David Samadi
Birthdate Not known
Birthplace Iran
Age Not known
Parents Manouchehr and Forough Samadi
Siblings 2
Career Urologist
Net worth Not known
Salary as of 2012 $7.5 million
Wife Sarah Danielpour
Children 2

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