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Dave and Jenny Marrs: Life before Tv Stardom: Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know. 2022

Dave and Jenny Marrs are the famous builders of HGTV. Since 2019, they have been starring on Fixer to Fabulous.

The incredible show endowed them with fame and provided them an opportunity to pursue their passions further. Today, they are excellent at what they do on the show. And even though there have been some legal complications in the past, the duo is moving forward strongly.

We have witnessed their home renovating abilities firsthand on the show. But what about their life prior to becoming a TV personality? This article encompasses details of Dave and Jenny Marrs, focusing on their life before TV stardom. We’ll also dig up other interesting affairs. Let’s dive in.

Dave and Jenny Marrs: Life before TV Stardom

In 2002, Dave was a regular employee at Newell Rubbermaid. His wife was his co-worker, and that’s how their fates intertwined. The TV actor had just graduated from college and was still figuring out his passion.

In the course of traveling for work purposes, Marrs finally realized that his true passion lay elsewhere. With the support of Jenny, the duo shifted full-time to renovating homes. And it proved to be their best call.

The duo dated for three years until 2005. After that, they exchanged vows. Jenny shares the moment with ecstasy when Dave kneeled in the Eiffel Tower and produced a ring from his pocket.

She nearly choked him, hugging out of excitement. Marrs was always passionate about farming, but he only recently pursued it.

Dave and Jenny Marrs life before fixer to fabulous

Dave and Jenny Marrs in their wedding day

After being married for four years, the infertility issue really troubled the couple. Jenny couldn’t get pregnant. Thus, they made up their mind to adopt a baby.

In 2009, they started the process of adopting a black daughter. Sylvie is their eldest and non-biological daughter. Fortunately, the following year, Jenny was diagnosed with twins in her belly. She gave birth to her biological twins in late 2010.

Before getting into the show, they already had four children. They were reputed builders in their hometown. Life was going well, just until it got better.

How did Dave and Jenny Marrs get into Fixer to Fabulous?

After working for several years in the renovation industry, the duo was almost unmatched in their hometown. The trend for renovating houses was on the rise, and they rode the wave-like experts.

In 2018, HGTV came into their town and decided to start a new show. As HGTV is renowned for renovating houses, they thought that particular town packed amazing potential.

Dave and Jenny Marrs get into fixer to fabulous

HGTV Fixer to fabulous’s hosts, Dave and Jenny Marrs

Thanks to a mutual friend, Dave and Jenny were among the builders that HGTV shortlisted. And while there were other builders, the duo was perfect for the vision that the channel had for the show. Thus, they finalized Dave and Jenny.

When the offer reached the couple, they were surprised and excited. They thought that they could use the platform to share their ideologies on adoption, environment, and other important affairs. Thus, in 2019, their journey with HGTV was officially kicked off.

Interesting Facts about Dave and Jenny Marrs

  • They celebrate the month of May as ‘Birthday month.’ Most of the family members’ birthdays fall during this, including Dave.
  • They first thought about adoption because of infertility.
  • Sylvie, their non-biological daughter, had to go through many processes to live with the family. The process started in 2009 and took up to 2011.
  • Jenny is an amazing mother and has really progressive viewpoints about her children. She believes every child has a destiny and wants to give them the best experience of their childhood before they move on to their life’s ventures.
  • Sylvie was afraid of trees.
  • Charlotte and Sylvie love cooking.
  • Jenny Marrs has 250k fans on Insta as of 2022.
TV Stars Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs
Relationship Husband and Wife
Famous as TV personalities and hosts on HGTV
Show Fixer to Fabulous
Children 5
Debut 2019

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