Danny Kanell Net Worth. Know about his wife Courtenay Kanell

Danny Kanell

Danny Kanell, born on November 21, 1973, is a former professional American football quarterback who was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is 28 miles north of Miami. He has played in both the Arena Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL). Currently, Danny is in a deal with ESPN where he is employed as one of their analysts and is the host of the famous “Russillo and Kannell Show” on the ESPN radio. Let’s find out about his net worth and after that, we’ll see his married life and wife Courtenay.

Danny Kanell Net Worth 2017

He is a very hard working person and he has struggled much in his professional life. Danny Kanell’s net worth is around $2 million and his salary is $95,000 per annum, which is quite good for a man his age.

His main source of income is his job but not the only source of his net worth. He had already made some fortune back while he was a professional basketball player.

Danny Kanell’s Married Life with wife Courtenay Kanell

Danny Kanell is blessed with a gorgeous wife in the name of Courtenay Kanell along with his 3 daughters. Before dating Courtenay, Danny was in a relationship with Whitney cases for 8 long years.

Beautiful Couple: Courtenay Kanell and her husband Danny Kanell

Danny Kanell with his wife Courtenay Kanell

Danny shares a very strong and lovely bond with his wife. So far his love life has been perfect which is not so in many popular personalities. He and his wife love sharing their private lifestyle and details on Instagram and other social media.

He is quite a popular being on twitter. You can follow him on Instagram @dannykanell and his wife @courtk7 to have a sneak peek on their lifestyle and privileges. Their relationship has been a benchmark for many young couples who seek a future in life. Their posts and captions will make you fall in love with this amazing couple.

Danny Kanell Wife Courtenay Kanell bio

She has been Danny’s wife for quite a while now. She shares a strong bond with her husband and seems to cherish every moment of her life.  She loves her family more than anything else loves and thus prioritizes them over anything and everything. Her intensity of love is clearly reflected by her posts on social media, which mainly emphasizes on how much she is concerned about her family and that she enjoys her time while Danny and their kids are around.

Beautiful Family Picture: Courtenay Kanell seems beautiful in white hat with husband Danny Kanell and their children

Danny Kanell enjoying his vacation with wife Courtenay Kanell and three daughters in Dolphintale

Danny Kanell bio

Apart from a professional player, Danny Kanell is more of a man who cherishes minor and major moments of his life. His social media posts reflect a lot about his love for his family and his job. He has been a major asset in the field of analyst for ESPN for quite a while.

His popularity never took a bend even after he finished his career. He started his football career at Florida State University where he played as a quarterback for 4 years followed by his professional debut in 1996. He also led his team to many titles in his career. He is an inspiration for many people because of his works.

His family includes his parents who are Dane Kanell and Diane Kanell and his 3 sibling sisters are Daryl, Debbie and Dana Kanell along with his wife Courtenay Kanell

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