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Battle on the Beach 2024 Controversy over: Fans reacts on latest Living Room.

Battle on the Beach is a popular home renovation competition show on HGTV that features three expert mentors guiding teams of aspiring home renovators. The series involves a thrilling, high-stakes competition where the teams renovate beachfront properties, aiming to increase their market value and impress the judges with their design prowess and renovation skills.

Concept and Format

Each season of Battle on the Beach takes place on a picturesque beachfront location, where three teams of contestants, each mentored by a renovation expert, are tasked with transforming outdated and often dilapidated beach houses into stunning coastal retreats. The mentors, who are often well-known personalities in the home renovation and design industry, provide guidance, tips, and hands-on assistance. Each episode focuses on a specific area of the house, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces, culminating in a grand finale where the overall winner is announced. The winning team receives a substantial cash prize, often aimed at helping them kickstart their own renovation business or further their careers in home design.

Latest Season in 2024

The 2024 season of Battle on the Beach brings fresh energy and new twists to the beloved format. This season is set in the stunning coastal town of Gulf Shores, Alabama, offering breathtaking views and unique challenges for the contestants. The season features three dynamic mentor-mentee teams, each eager to showcase their talent and creativity.

Contestants and Mentors

  1. Team Alison Victoria:
    • Mentor: Alison Victoria, known for her bold designs and innovative approach, returns with her flair for creating luxurious and functional spaces.
    • Contestants:
      • Jake and Emily Sanders: A married couple from Austin, Texas, with a passion for DIY projects and a keen eye for contemporary design. They bring a blend of Jake’s carpentry skills and Emily’s interior design background to the competition.
  2. Team Ty Pennington:
    • Mentor: Ty Pennington, the energetic and charismatic carpenter and designer, famous for his work on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”
    • Contestants:
      • Laura and Mike Davis: Siblings from Seattle, Washington, who have been flipping houses together for over five years. Laura specializes in budget management and Mike in structural work, making them a formidable duo.
  3. Team Taniya Nayak:
    • Mentor: Taniya Nayak, celebrated for her vibrant and practical designs, brings her expertise in creating inviting and livable spaces.
    • Contestants:
      • Ryan and Samantha Clark: Best friends from Miami, Florida, with a shared love for coastal aesthetics. Ryan is a real estate agent with a knack for spotting potential in properties, while Samantha is a professional painter and decorator.

People’s Criticism on the Living Room

The latest episode of **Battle on the Beach** Season 4, which aired on June 17, 2024, has sparked significant backlash, particularly directed at Alison Victoria’s team’s living room design. Viewers expressed a range of criticisms on Reddit, with many focusing on the oversized furniture choices. One user remarked, “I am still in shock who won. Putting a table so big like America in the room, no place for a good sofa, no coffee table,” highlighting the impracticality and poor layout of the space. Despite this, some acknowledged the interesting design of the fireplace, suggesting it filled the space well and provided a focal point, though the handmade items were deemed too large.

Alison’s Team: A Banquette Overboard

“I am still in shock who won. Putting a table so big like America in the room, no place for a good sofa, no coffee table,”

Alison’s team sparked heated debate with their ambitious but impractical design choices. The oversized banquet, criticized for dominating the living room space, left viewers questioning its functionality. As one viewer pointed out, “Their version of the light challenge was the best. The shell fireplace, I thought was going to be worse. It made sense for a house on the beach at least.”

“Alison’s team changes designs & then can’t fulfill the build on time. Alison had to twist their arms to build a banquette after it was agreed upon that’s the way they would go for seating.”

Critics zeroed in on management issues within the team, highlighting a lack of foresight in planning and execution. The absence of a coffee table, despite its basic necessity, underscored organizational flaws that affected the overall aesthetic and usability of the space.

Ty’s Team: Moody Blues and Misplaced Shells

“Ty place looked horrible. The blue isn’t a moody blue or beach, it’s just a tool box blue. Love the idea of the shells, but I am fan of the French style of this application, less shells and deeper into the grout.”

Ty’s team faced backlash for their dark, brooding color palette that clashed with the expected light and airy ambiance of a beach house. The seashell-adorned fireplace, though initially praised for its thematic relevance, received criticism for its impracticality in a family-oriented beach home.

“I think Ty’s team forgot they were renovating a beach house. The fireplace in Ty’s living room was too tiny and looked out of place.”

Viewers expressed disbelief over Ty’s team’s disconnect from the coastal setting, with comments highlighting the inappropriateness of their design choices. The lack of consideration for the practical needs of beachfront living underscored a fundamental misunderstanding of the project’s requirements.

Taniya’s Team: Dutch Doors and Decisions

“Then we have the second house, removing windows with beach view, putting chairs in front of the window to block the view and oh don’t forget the mountain cabin from Mr. Grey with his fetish for Dutch Doors.”

Taniya’s team’s decision to obstruct picturesque beach views drew sharp criticism, as did their incorporation of Dutch Doors that seemed more fitting for a rustic mountain retreat than a coastal getaway. Viewers questioned the team’s design rationale, with one comment noting, “The furniture was so out of proportion in Alison’s room. It looked like random stuff being stored more than it did a finished room.”

“I think they needed the banquette but the table should have been a very narrow rectangle so it didn’t encroach on the living space.”

While some acknowledged practical elements in Taniya’s design, such as the need for seating like the banquette, concerns persisted about spatial planning and overall coherence in executing a beach-themed interior.

The latest episode of “Battle on the Beach” ignited passionate discourse among viewers, showcasing a clash of design philosophies and practical considerations. From oversized furnishings to misplaced thematic elements, each team faced scrutiny for their respective interpretations of beachfront living, leaving audiences eager to see how future episodes will address these contentious issues.


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  1. Whoever wrote this got it all wrong. The moody blue house did not have the seashells. Each house in this article is mixed with another. I agree though that none of them realized it was a BEACH house. No big windows, sliding doors beachside. No beachy colors. Judging wonky. This is why HGTV is in trouble.

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