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Ashley Van Metre Net Worth, Family, Wiki-Bio, Parents of Kurt Busch Wife.

Beautiful, charming, provocative, athletic, meet Ashley Van Metre Busch. She is the personification of grace and elegance, determination and grit. However, unless you frequent twitter, where she is very active, chances are you have never heard of Ashley, as she plays a sport most of us only ever get to see in movies.

In this article we will take a look through her family, her career, her other varying interests, dive into Ashley Van Metre net worth and her marriage to her present husband, Kurt Busch. How did the American socialite and the famous NASCAR driver meet? Stick around and find out.

Ashley Van Metre Net Worth

Ashley Van Metre Busch is an American socialite, model, and professional polo player. Though Ashley Van Metre’s net worth presently remains undisclosed, her family’s wealth knows no bounds. According to several reports, the Van Metre’s are estimated to have a net worth $341 million. They are also reported to own well over $1 billion in assets.

Image of Athlete, Ashley Van Metre net worth is not available

Athlete, Ashley Van Metre net worth is not available

Ashley Van Metre Sources of income

The player’s vast family wealth and net worth have meant that she has led a relatively comfortable life, wanting for nothing. Additionally, she draws more earnings from commercial sports deals in Polo, as well as a budding modeling career. All this undoubtedly contributed to her present net worth. She was affiliated with Wilhelmina Models, one of the most renowned talent agencies in the world, where she modeled exclusively for the worldwide brand, “Ralph Lauren.”

Kurt Busch wife Ashley Van Metre moved on to bigger and better things, as she is presently the face of the United States Polo Association (USPA) This has led to her appearing in several universal campaigns such as the American Polo Associations 125th year anniversary campaign.

Kurt Busch’s wife Ashley Van Metre career info

Mrs. Busch is also a well-known philanthropist. Some of the charities she is affiliated with are the Polo for a Purpose campaign, which has greatly benefited the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. She also helped set up the Van Metre 5-Mile run for Children’s National Medical Center in DC.

Image of Polo Player, Ashley Van Metre

Polo Player, Ashley Van Metre

The athlete and her Altair team have competed in tournaments all over the world: Chile, SC, Middleburg Argentina, New York, Aiken, VA, and England, just to name a few places.

Some of her accolades include: maintaining a winning streak that stretched for a whole campaign in the Hobe Sound 8-goal tourney, coming out triumphant in the International Polo Club 12-goal, and the Port Mayaca 14-goal with Carlos Gracida Sr and being called up to the US Eastern Circuit Polo Team that competed against the British Forces in the famous Chapple Cup Series. The team also won the United Services Cup at Guards Polo Club on the final day of the Chapple Cup Series.

Ashley Van Metre is Kurt Busch’s wife. Know their married life and kids

The model is married to Kurt Busch, a popular NASCAR driver. The happy couple met in Martinsville in October 2014, but only started dating in 2015. Did you know that one of Ashley’s sister introduced her to Kurt?

Image of Ashley Van Metre with her husband Kurt Busch

Ashley Van Metre with her husband Kurt Busch

Kurt Busch and wife Ashley Van Metre tied the knot in 2017, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy. The two presently live in Charlotte, North Carolina. They do not have any children yet.

Ashley Van Metre’s  Age, Height, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Ashley Van Metre Busch
Age 26
Place of Birth Middleburg, VA
Profession Athlete, model, business mogul
Parents Deadria Van Metre and Beau Van Metre,
Net worth Undisclosed
Husband Kurt Busch
Kids 0
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight Undisclosed
Ethnicity Caucasian
Current residence Charlotte, North Carolina

Kurt Busch’s wife Ashley Van Metre was born in 1992, to parents Deadria Van Metre and Beau Van Metre. She is 26 years old. Ashley has three siblings: Jeannie, Chris, and Allison. All four were born and raised in Middleburg, Virginia, and attended the prestigious Hill Academy, a school for the elite. Her sister Allison helps their father run the family business, Van Metres Cos, where they employ over 700 people. Her parents are very protective and are known to extensively vet any potential love interests their children have.

Ashley Van Metre interest in riding horses could be dated back to when she was only 5. However, it was not until she turned 11 that she developed a love for polo. And she hasn’t looked back ever since. With the support of her parents, she grew up to do great things in the world of polo.


Even though polo is not a popular sport, Ashley remains well known. The model bears a prominent family name. She is also married to Kurt Busch, a famous NASCAR driver.

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