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Aisha Tyler Net Worth. Her Married Life after Divorce from Ex-Husband Jeff Tietjens.

Image of Aisha Tyler Bio, Net Worth, Meet Her Husband and Know Their Married Life

Aisha Tyler is a well-known American actress, who has a long-standing entertainment career shaped by her sheer talent and determination to succeed. She has a chequered career spanning nearly twenty-five years, which she has built an enormous net worth with.

Her career has a mix of entertainment roles from stand-up comedy, acting, TV show hosting and authoring. Born in 1970, she created a burning interest in comedy while in high school. On leaving school, she began chasing her entertainment dream to-date. Her career break started in 2001 when she started hosting, Talk Soup show.

After the show ended in 2002, she started working on her independent projects in filming. She holds charity work close to her heart, as she takes time to volunteer at the American Red Cross. Her love for philanthropy made her appear nude in 2006 on one of Allure magazine’s issue, in support for skin cancer funding.

Image of Comedian, Aisha Tyler

Comedian, Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler Net Worth: 8 Million.

Aisha Tyler is worth $8 Million. This is wealth she has built for the last twenty-two years through sheer hard work in her entertainment career. It is believed that her income is mainly derived from writing, acting, standup comedy shows and TV hosting careers. One of her books, Self-inflicted wounds that she released in 2013 is rated a New York Times bestseller, bagging her great net worth.

Image of American actress, Aisha Tyler net worth is $8 million

American actress, Aisha Tyler net worth is $8 million

She owned a charmingly designed house in Los Angeles, California worth $1,998,000. She had to sell it after her divorce from her longtime husband. Her net worth has significantly dwindled. She was ordered by the divorce court to pay her husband $31,250, monthly for four years and a lump sum of $500,000, totaling to $2 Million.

Image of Aisha Tyler house at Los Angles

Aisha Tyler house at Los Angeles

Additionally, the court ordered the couple to split their assets into the half. Aisha’s love for cars started early. She was raised by her dad who taught her how to drive at a young age. Having started working early in her life, at six years, she saved up some money and bought her first car; an Opel Manta.

As her net worth kept growing through her life, she has owned all manner of cars, ranging from Maseratis, Ferraris, BMWs, Jeeps, and Lexus.  She has a current love for Tesla Model S electric charged cars motivated by her love for conserving the environment. She intimates that this is the best car she has ever driven. It normally gives her between 300 to 400 miles when fully charged.

It has a quiet engine, you can charge it for free at any public supercharger and doesn’t consume any fuel. She thinks Tesla should have made it with less space inside as her belongings keep falling off; would do better with some large spongy seats.

Aisha Tyler’s Married Life with husband Layer Jeff Tietjens and their Divorce.

Aisha Tyler was married to her college sweetheart, Lawyer Jeff Tietjens, just after leaving grad school between 1992 -1994. She was only a by then. She believes Jeff has shaped and influenced her life having lived with her longer than she did with her parents.

The couple with two clearly distinct careers worked hard to acquire assets and build a valuable net worth for themselves. Their marriage that lasted slightly over two decades was riddled by the struggle to get children caused by infertility. An effort which they both agreed to stop in 2013.

The failure to get any children is said to have strained the couple’s relationship, ending to a separation in 2015. The divorce in 2017 was quite acrimonious resulting in a vicious fight for property and spousal maintenance. In 2015, Aisha Tyler shared a photo of herself clasping a film strip of pictures, of her and actress Emilly Bett Rickards cuddling and kissing.

This led to outpouring speculation regarding her lesbian relationship status with the Canadian actress. None of the parties has come out to publicly declare any intimate relationship this far.

Image of Aisha Tyler with her husband Jeff Tietjens

Aisha Tyler with her husband Jeff Tietjens

Other Info, Parents, Education

Aisha Tyler is a fluent French speaker. She is also a gamer; a characteristic that earned her a backlash from her fans who couldn’t believe she was a gamer. This was after presenting a press conference for Ubisoft, a French video gaming company.

Image of Aisha Tyler with her father Jim Tyler

Aisha Tyler with her father Jim Tyler

She was born to Jim Tyler a career photographer and Robin Gregory, a teacher. The parents divorced when Aisha Tyler was only ten years, splitting the custody of their children into two. Aisha ended up being brought up by her single dad, while her sister stayed with her mum, Robin. The couple maintained a cordial friendship after the divorce.

The family had a short stay in Ethiopia and later moved to the U.S. She went to McAteer High School where her acting career was molded. She went on to study at Dartmouth, an Ivy League University where she was involved in singing for the school’s a capella.

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