Salaries posted anonymously by Dropbox employees. Here’s an example of how the process used to work: Now just imagine for a moment you are a copywriter that also knows some basic UX design… could theoretically do this whole process yourself! If there is anyone here that lives in the Bay Area and looking, please let me know. As a UX designer myself, I’m fascinated with the relationship between Copywriting and UXD. Email me at if you are interested in the UX Writer job! Sincerely, Simple language and clear design. And thanks for the salary insights! However make sure to drop a link or some contact info so people can hit you up privately outside of the comments :). I started learning UX design on YT before I actually dived into it. Springboard (reasonable), Career Foundry (many options to pay) (they have UI Design too), OpenClassrooms (reasonable) General Assembly (expensive) have programs. Apply on company website . Many people are b!#@% a%$ whiny losers who don’t realize how good they have it”. UX Writer Jobs - Dropbox, Indeed & King By Gordon Macrae • Issue #11 • View online. Glad to know I’m on the right track. Check out Mike Locke’s channel, I totally agree, great advice and recommendation Kayode :). For the summer I rented a place in San Francisco. UX Writer (Synergis Creative) As a UX Writer with our client, a leading digital media company, you will craft intuitive, inspiring text in graphical user interfaces across web and mobile platforms. Honestly it’s so easy to learn new technical skills thanks to YouTube and small course sites like Udemy, and you can do them in your spare time. Hey Michael, honestly if you’re looking to just dip your toe into it, why don’t you grab some cheap courses on Udemy or Skillshare to learn the basics of UX Design? I’ve never heard of this….researching it now :). Are you ready for AI? For example on Udemy or Skillshare you can type in “UX Design” and you’ll find a bunch of cheap courses to get started. I love Intercom, cool to see they are on the UX Writer bandwagon also. I think UX Designers learning some Copywriting, and vice versa will be great for everyone. UX writing is a relatively young discipline, so there really isn’t a standard job title for it. It talks about becoming a “Triple Threat” by adding new skills to your repertoire. 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What does it take to be a UX writer? HUGE. I have taken to giving clients a suggested mockup for the homepage in a web copy project. And the longer you work in … Is your goal to showcase how luxurious your brand is? How I landed a UX writer job at Dropbox. Now it's huge. We’re looking for an experienced UX writer for our Growth team. If you’re a copywriter who can also do UX Design, you are instantly far more valuable, much like stated here: Love your work! Great post, had a good laugh again (as usual). When I left journalism in 2012 I always knew I’d eventually come back to writing, I just didn’t think it would take six years. Bahahah, glad to push you in the right direct Habeeb! On the other side of the world (israel), where i live, the UX writer is also called “Micro Copy Writer” – that is also a position that is starting to take off on around here. San Francisco 40 hours per week. The possibilities are endless, especially in digital marketing. Hey Mike, it’s shockingly easy to learn about these things!
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